Digital Leader Visit Dixons Marchbank

As part of the Bradford Digital Leader Academy programme I get the chance to visit the Digital Leaders at their school to catch up on the activities they have engaged with since the first training session.

Today I was warmly welcomed to Dixon’s Marchbank Primary in Bradford. The children all enjoyed the first training session where we discussed sharing data online and modelled some good practice within Edmodo ( We explored the role of the Digital Leader and created a green screen video where the children introduced themselves and outlined their role as a DL.

A lot of the children enjoyed Edmodo and have been actively communicating with other DLs and myself about their DL activities. They also enjoyed watching the green screen video they created that was uploaded to Edmodo and have shared this with their own class. They enjoyed the training where they had a chance to meet and tall with children from different schools.

The children and staff at the school explained how busy they had been with many school initiatives and understandably this has limited the opportunities for them to meet regularly though they have dates planned for the Autumn 2020 term. Even so, they have created a poster and notice board with regard to their positions as DLs in school and they have reviewed apps on the school iPads so that they can delete apps and content that is no longer used or appropriate in school.

Finding time to meet as DLs in a busy school is always a challenge but the schools where DLs are successful are the ones where they meet at least fortnightly, in many schools the children just need supervising as they have the ability to manage their own activities and goals as DLs.

We quickly discussed the agenda for day 2 training; this will include a chance for the children to feedback their work as DLs to the other schools through a short presentation, further work on Online Safety and specifically passwords and creating a 3D printed Digital Leader badge. The children were excited about this and I look forward to catching up with the children again during day 2.

Paul Scott

Curriculum Innovation manager working strategically with local, regional and national partners ensuring the service’s provision continually evolves to meet the needs of schools, the local community and businesses.

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