Digital Leader Visit Myrtle Park Primary

As part of the Bradford Digital Leader Academy programme I get the chance to visit the Digital Leaders at their school to catch up on the activities they have engaged with since the first training session.

Recently I was revisited Myrtle Park Primary who have been engaged with the Digital Leader Academy for many years and it was great to see some familiar faces again. I was warmly received by Maisy, Tom, Dex, Rosie and Archie who all attended day 1 of the Digital Leader Academy training alongside their teacher Mrs Glennon. The children all enjoyed the first training session and particularly the green screen session where they created a video about their roles as Digital Leaders. Several of the children have been in contact with my already through Edmodo ( sharing their activities and applying for Digital Leader badges.

The children and Mrs Glennon were intending working on more green screen activities at school and were discussing the content they would create and share using the technology. They talked about creating a David Attenborough type video based on a science theme that sounded really interesting and also using the image of somebody’s coding and having them explain what the code does and how it works.

The children have already introduced themselves to the rest of the school through a presentation in assembly that was well received and are in a position where they can apply for some Digital Leader level 1 badges including Leader and Presenter.

Mrs Glennon was also looking at supplementing their Digital Leader provision by exploring the Digital Leader provision from Apple.

The children have worked within their own class supporting other children with coding during computing lessons, each table has a Digital Leader to help them with their coding in Scratch. The children promised to send me a link to their online Scratch work to review. We quickly discussed the agenda for day 2 training; this will include a chance for the children to feedback their work as DLs to the other schools through a short presentation, further work on Online Safety and specifically passwords and creating a 3D printed Digital Leader badge. The children were excited about this and I look forward to catching up with the children

Paul Scott

Curriculum Innovation manager working strategically with local, regional and national partners ensuring the service’s provision continually evolves to meet the needs of schools, the local community and businesses.

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