About this blog

This blog reflects the work of Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s Innovation Service and partners. The Innovation service comprises three teams focused on enabling schools to make effective use of technology across their schools.

Curriculum Innovation (CI)

All our Curriculum Innovation consultants are experienced Primary teachers and specialists in using technology to raise attainment and engagement across the Primary curriculum and deliver the Primary Computing national curriculum. They are based at the Innovation Centre in Little Germany, Bradford which is a state of the art teaching and training centre. 

Bradford Learning Network (BLN)

The BLN is a not-for-profit provider of fast, reliable and secure internet services for all educational establishments.  They deliver state of the art, safe internet access to all learners at exceptional value for money.

Education ICT (E-ICT)

E-ICT offer technical support to ensure schools can maintain and utilise their digital infrastructure in effectively so teachers and administrators can make the most of the hardware and software deployed across the school.

Some of the partners we are presently engaged with to deliver educational projects include the National Centre for Computing Education,  Into film, BFI, and the Shine Partnership. 

The ethos across the whole service is to enbed and utilise innovative technologies and pedagogies to improve learning and accelerate achievement for all in the third millennium.

For further information please contact admin@theinnovationcentres.com