Visual Literacy and Stories from Other Cultures

I had a great time with a Y4/5 class and their teacher this week working on a Stories from Other Cultures unit. Our chosen film was The Tortoises’ Idea from BFI Story Shorts 2.

The Tortoises meet the Creator

This animation is based on a Nigerian creation myth, published in ‘The Orchard Book of Creation Myths’, edited by Margaret Mayo and Louise Brierley. Our aim was to use the C and S (Camera-Character-Colour-Setting-Story-Sound) technique to talk about a story from another culture. We combined this idea with the ‘jigsaw’ technique for speaking and listening (I tried to post a link to these materials but at the time of writing, no links on the Primary Strategy site will work – useful!). The outcome for each of the home groups was a C and S poster which interpreted the story.

C and S poster – The Tortoises’ Idea

In the afternoon, we split into two groups with the teacher leading ICT research about Nigeria using netbooks and myself leading drama sessions where we ‘hot-seated’ the characters from the story and then concluded with ‘conscience alley’ to deepen understanding of the characters.

It was a good, but demanding, day based upon ‘boy friendly’ activities including visual texts, Speaking and Listening, group work, drama, ICT … and colouring – or should that be coulering?

And best of all, they didn’t even realise they were writing.


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  1. Mark Reid says:

    Hello Phillip and everyone!

    Great to see this work continuing, and the cascading that’s going on. The Tortoises’ Idea isn’t used that often, I don’t think, so great that it’s getting an outing. The guy who oversaw the making of the film is a teacher in Cambridge – James Durran, and the school is Parkside Community College. They’ve got a great school website with their film and media work on –

    Keep up the good work!

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