(Hiccup) knew that Astrid was the one for him

As promised, a couple of extracts from Y3’s How to Train your Dragon trading cards.


”Hiccup has strait brown flowy hair and lovely blue eyes and big bushy eye brows. When Hiccup saw Astrid he stopped and stared and he new that Astrid was the one for him. Since Hiccup isn’t a viking he tries to act like one. Hiccup is as weak as a snail.”

Stoic the Vast:

”Stoic the Vast has a big bushy beard and is very grumpy. He has to look after Berk and it is near winter and he has to feed a whole village. Stoic is very vast and fearsome. His eyebrows are very bushy and he has big blue eyes. He doesn’t care about his son very much and he won’t let Hiccup be a viking like all the other vikings.”

We are delighted with the children’s work as a whole. They managed to use the descriptive language we had been working on in the activities leading up to the writing and they all (especially the boys) responded very well to the trading card idea.

Thanks to staff and children at Oxenhope Primary school for their support and commitment to this work.


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