Little Wolf: reports, recounts and letters

This case study was submitted by Helen Rouke, a Y3 teacher at Newby Primary School in Bradford.

Don't worry. I have a cunning plan.


The project was carried out with a group of year 3 pupils. The children were in the top ability literacy group. Of the 25 children in the group, eight  were boys. The boys were performing significantly below the girls.  One of the main aims of the project was to increase the engagement and achievement of boys.

What we did


We used the film Little Wolf from the British Film Institute’s Starting Stories.

1.    We listened to the soundtrack several times and listed everything that could be heard. We discussed what we thought might be happening.

2.    We watched the film up to the point where Little Wolf become stuck on the moon.

3.    We did a thought tracking activity  around the wolves’ amazement at seeing Little Wolf stuck on the moon.

4.    We hot seated Little Wolf.

5.    The children wrote a newspaper report, ‘Stuck  on the Moon’. This was then word processed in the style of an actual newspaper report.

6.    The children wrote letters to Little Wolf giving their ideas as to how to get him down from the moon. A competition was held and the best ideas were chosen to be made into an animation.

7.    The children produced animations showing the rescue of Little Wolf.

8.    The final piece of  writing was a recount of Little Wolf’s adventure told from the point of view of Little Wolf.


The children were engaged throughout the project. The children brought in work they had done at home. There were lots of opportunities for speaking and listening. There was lots of writing, but it was often informal and fun.

There was a positive response from the boys, and all said they enjoyed literacy. Some of the boys made  a lot of progress, and several are now performing on a level with the higher achieving girls.


Literacy levels of the boys at the end of year 3 compared to the start of year 3:

Child                  Writing               Reading

A                     2A – 3B            3C – 4C

B                      2A – 3B            3C – 3B

C                     2B – 3B            3C – 4C

D                     2B – 3C            2A – 3B

E                     2A –  3C            2A – 3A

F                    2B – 3B            2A – 3A

G                    2B – 3B            2A – 3A

H                    2A – 3B            2A – 3B

Successful because

It was fun. The children enjoyed it and I enjoyed it.

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