Hiding on the Backstreets: Familiar locations used in flipcam films

Thanks to Catherine Butler from Eastwood Primary School for this.


Using short films as stimulus for writing. To enable the boys to write an imaginative piece of writing.

What we did

Spring 1

We started by listening to soundtracks and  used The Hoverbike to ask – What is happening?

This was followed by lots of talking partners; sequencing work and the writing of descriptive sentences.

Next we introduced specific media vocabulary Using the 3S’s and 3C’s grid, to support prediction – what will happen next? and Freeze frame – what is the dilemma?

Our main focus was around “Le Pain et la Rue” an Iranian film which features a back street setting familiar to the children at Eastwood.

The children then experimented with the use of flipcams, practised different camera shots (moving object in a still shot; a still object in a moving shot etc.) and included them in short films  (moving object in a still shot; a still object in a moving shot etc.)

We then moved on to storyboards to plan own story using the same theme and made short films using local streets as location.

Spring 2

We revisited the 3S’s and 3C’s grids and all of the above teaching techniques as  activities to introduce extracts from the film “Toy Story 3“ . The outcome was story boards for adventures of one of the main characters.


 Boys engagement increased. They were motivated to write longer pieces of work which made sense and held the readers attention. The Case study included 5 boys , four of whom have made accelerated progress in writing in Year 3 and moved from Level 1b to L2b-.

Their Speaking and Listening skills improved as they have had to learn to listen to each other.

Successful because

The boys wanted to write and were proud of their pieces of extended writing.




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