Writing for a Reason: mums, dads and myths


Year 5 completed a literacy topic looking at Greek myths.

They then created their own myth and filmed it using flip cameras or still images to create a film. 

What we did

After attending the training with Philip Webb, Candice and I showed the children several short films and  discuss the 3 Cs and 3Ss. We did several week’s work on how films were created, looking at mood, setting, character, colour etc. The children were very enthusiastic and became very knowledgeable about film and what went into creating animations.

C and S: Camera-Character-Colour-Setting-Story-Sound

Along side building up knowledge of film, we were also learning about the Greek Myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. The children became familiar with the myth and characters. Some children chose to create their own myth, whilst others chose to make a film about Theseus.

Children either acted, created models or used characters to film/create stop start animations for their films.

The children then showed their films to their parents and explained the making of the films to them.


The children really enjoyed the topic, wrote exciting myths and were able to create a film. They loved the topic.

Successful because

It was writing for a purpose – to create a film – to show to parents.

Helen Crabtree and Candice Bell – Low Ash Primary School




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