Oktapodi at Ryecroft

In Year Five at Ryecroft we looked at the short film Oktapodi. This is the first time the children had used a short film to influence their writing. Within in the class there are a range of levels from p scales to level 4. Therefore using the film was great as all children could access this resource. The children enjoyed listening to the sound of the film first and then used a tell me grid to write about what they though was happening. All of the children were suprised when the actual film was revealed.

The children were thoroughly engaged when they had a chance to film using flip cams and Ipods. They were able to comment on the camera shots and then use these in their own film.



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  1. Sarah Mumford says:

    Once again the notion of giving pupils a shared moving image experience at the outset means they are all ‘on the same page’ in terms of understanding the subject matter from the start with no-one excluded or at a disadvantage because of lower literacy levels. A great strategy to use as a stimulus for writing about what they think is happening from listening to the sound alone before revealing all to see what is actually happening.

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