Year two is up and running!

On the 20th of September eight teachers who became Media Literacy leaders last year were joined by our latest cohort of twenty one new teachers to begin the second year of our project.

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We were joined by Mark Reid from the British Film Institute, who delivered an eye opening session showing how short film can be used to inspire writers in the classroom before they script, storyboard, film and edit their own creations. Once again Philip Webb (@philipgwebb) delivered an amazing session showing how key stage two Literacy lessons can use film to raise writing standards. We also had time for some hands on filming using iMovie on iPads to film different examples of shots used in film.

Last year the project delivered an average of 4.01 APS for writing in target groups across all schools involved. This year we will be collecting writing scores from a sample of children but we will also be monitoring the impact the project has on reading. This is in response to the amazing impact upon reading (see the case study page for more details).

Each teacher has been matched with a Media Literacy Leader from last year. This means teachers who already have a year of analysing and creating short films with children can advise those people new to the project.

The only thing missing from the day was time for more input from last year’s Media Literacy leaders. This will be something we look forward to in our December training day.

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