Over a Hundred Pupil Media Literacy Leaders Trained



In the last two weeks in January we embarked on our Pupil Media Literacy Leaders training. The idea of this is to train pupils to take an active role training fellow pupils and adults in making film in the classroom.  Last year we trained pupils from eight different schools, this year we trained pupils from twenty five schools. The training was very sucessful last year as it helped teachers to create films in their classes with the newly qualified pupils taking the pressure off the teacher in terms of technical know how. The  pupils supported their peers in their class whenever the were film making. In some schools they also went into other classes to share their skills. In one school the children trained teachers by taking over a session in a staff meeting.

This year we used a film as a stimulus. We watched the Icelandic short film In a Heartbeat (available to view in our Films for the Classroom page). We then identified some shot types from stills of the film and why they were used (the Smartboard file for this is available on our resources page). We repeated a successful technique we devised last year, this was to ask everyone to write down three words that sum up the main themes of the film, we then turned them into the word clouds shown above.

After this we got the children to storyboard a two shot film after writing a sentence with two ideas and an adverbial opener (see the sheet on the resources page). You can see an example here….


Photo 22-01-2014 13 56 38

Elevator green gates from Curriculum Innovation on Vimeo.

The children filmed these using iPads or Flipcams or Android tablets. It’s vital they use the same technology they have at their school so they can replicate this process in their own classrooms.

In the afternoon the children had to plan, storyboard, film, edit and process their film before transferring it to a shared network location. They had to do this independently and all groups managed to do this on each of the six days. I’ll post some images of pupils working and their finished one minute videos when the relevent permissions have been given… watch this space.



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