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The project continues to go from strength to strength and in the last year we have presented at Manchester, Calderale and Cardiff. On the 20th November Sarah Burton from Wibsey Primary, Paul Scott and Tim Bleazard  from Bradford Council Curriculum Innovation and presented at Cape UK’s conference on Developing New Ways of Using Film in the Primary Classroom in Leeds. Paul’s session in the morning gave a short overview of the project. This was then followed in the afternoon by two one hour presentations by Sarah and Tim showing practical ways to use film in the classroom.

Tim started off with a simple recall activity, we watched a trailer of a film and answered questions based on recall. In a previous training session in Calderdale a teacher had commented “When I watch film I just let it wash over me, I never notice the details!” I think we’ve all been there. We watch films to relax and so quite often we are not aware of the details. This activity simply accessed recall. The viewers had to answer simple questions about what they saw and heard.  As we so often do we then used the Cs and Ss. To deepen our understanding we watched another film clip. This time we analysed the camera, character, colour, setting, story and sound. We used Home and Expert groups to share our views  focussing on one aspect before going back to our home groups to share what we found. This format is always popular as it allows all pupils to get a say without anyone dominating the discussion. It also puts the onus on those quieter children to feed back their findings. We looked at the main resources on this blog

Sarah Burton from Wibsey Primary is one of our leading teachers who is in her third year of teaching using Media Literacy. Sarah has helped to organise the roll out of Media Literacy across her school from year one to year six. She started teaching Media Literacy in year five and then moved to year two. A number of delegates were from key stage one. Sarah was able to demonstrate how she has adapted resources for effective use in key stage one. The Sarah’s mainpoints can be seen in her presentation below.

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