Media Literacy Leading Teacher Wins National Award



Claire Dunsire, a teacher at Greengates Primary School has taken part in the Bradford Media Literacy project since its launch three years ago. Claire attended the Into Film Awards at the Empire Cinema in London last week where she won an award for the Most Inspirational Use of Film in the Classroom. The Into Film Awards recognise not only the best young filmmakers and film critics in the country, but also the inspiring teachers and film clubs who are making the most of the educational power of film.  Claire was trained in her use of film by the Bradford Media Literacy Project which has been running for three years. The project is run by consultants Tim Bleazard and Philip Webb and  works with Bradford City of Film and Cape UK.

Claire places film at the heart of her English teaching, her children watch, analyse and write about short films as well as planning and creating their own. As well as inspiring children in her school she presents her work to teachers across Bradford and has also presented to Welsh teachers as part of their pilot Film Literacy project.

The Media Literacy project has firm evidence that the use of film in the classroom raises reading and writing standards. If you would like a member of staff to take part in the project next year please email me at

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