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on December 5, 2011

Write at least one hundred words to describe your superhero, remember to make it exciting for the reader!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The super hero work was super fun how we could create our own super hero with made up powers and skills.


  2. Anonymous says:

    My super hero is a girl and she is called inky baby she wears an orange costume with pink in the middle saying inky .She also wears an orange eye mask. My hero has got powers to make her haiR grow and to squirt ink where she needs to and her name is eliza . Also her powers are to skateboard on ink and turn her hair pink.She only saves babys she wears proper meatal orange shoes her proper hair colour is black and she lives with her mum and dad.Her Mum and Dad don’t know she is a hero . they always thinck she has gone to play or gone with her nana and grandad.Once she saved a baby fron drownding because a crooked old man pushed the baby in .Eliza has been on the news bacause of that exact story the end . Libby

  3. Anonymous says:

    my super hero is called electro and he is the best super hero ever he like’s to do stuff like save the day and sleep till 6.00 o,clock his hair is black
    and girls like him but he dosent like the girls but he’s alone so he keeps his superhero life a secret and he dosent tell anybody about what he did on his secret missions. so he likes it. his best mission was when he did the mission when he saved an dog squiesd from two evil people called harry and ethan and they went to prison and he went outside and everybody was cheering and somebody threw flower thats why it was the best mission ever. Joshua

  4. Anonymous says:

    My super hero is called strechey dude he like going to the skate bored park.I willl do more from Ellie

  5. Anonymous says:

    My superhero is called super sonic man.He has eletrical gloves ,shock proof and metal suit and a colourfull helmet. He shocks people with his eletrical gloves and whoever kicks him they get a brocken foot.
    His suit is so complcated the smartest person in the world couldn’t work out how it worked,because there was wires and wires and more wires and buttons and buttons and more buttons.His powers are speed invisibilty shock and flexibilty. Lewis

  6. Anonymous says:

    My superhero is called wolf girl but her real name is Emily. She has long golden hair that usely is in a plat with a bow to keep her fringe from falling into her eyes. When she is not on amisson when she is wolf girl. Her worst enimy is vampie girl who goses around to litttle villages and steal the yongest girl and boy and you and I would have a shiver down are spine if I told you what would happen next. . By Eleanor I will do more

    • Anonymous says:

      My superhero is called Wolf Girl, but her real name is Emily. During the day she has long golden hair that she usually keeps in a plait, with a bow to keep her fringe from falling into her eyes, but at night she transforms into a vicious but bold and brave superhero.

      Wolf Girl has eyes that look like fiery flames in the night.
      Her worst enemy is Vampire Girl. She creeps around little villages at night and steals the youngest girl and boy from each family.

      If I told you what happens next, you and I would have a shiver down our spine……

      By Eleanor

  7. Anonymous says:

    why dont we make a model of our super hero.

    Naomi and Rhianna.

    • Anonymous says:

      Year and make capes and evrthing.


    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t want to make a modle because I would prefere to write a story about our super hero.And do a play with groups and act out the bady and the super hero and the person thats in truble!

      By Saffron

  8. Anonymous says:

    My superhero is called Ros but his superhero name is called mhetul man.He has guns comeng out of his bodey boms comeng out of his eys .from William

  9. Anonymous says:

    Moo Moo Cow. Name:Scarlott Surname:Scott Age:19 Friends:CheterGirl GlitterGirl and DeadGourgous Fave Food:zChips and chocolate pudding

    Dead gourgous. Name:Delhia Surname:Willams Age:15 Friends:MooMoo Cow, and shrinsy sunny Family:Kasstey Willams Super powers:when you touch her skin you die and she can turn invisble. By Saffron and Olivia

    • Anonymous says:

      Great names! Will they be able to run around saving the world with a belly full of Chips and Chocolate Pudding?..Of course they would!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sticky cheese woman.
    Me [Ellen] and Harriet combined are ideas and we came up with a super hero caled sticky chees woman.She saved a boy from the eveal Robbie Robot!

    Ellen and Harriet

  11. Anonymous says:

    super hero work is great fun and want to do more.I love describing my super hero.
    by ciaren

  12. Anonymous says:

    My superhero is called Saphire.Her last name is Battersea. her school is called st.Trinians.


  13. Anonymous says:

    my superhero is called mustle man.He saves crime and saves people, and the world.Even the mayor gave him the key to the world.He has a mask dark red.His superhero suit has 2 letters on it its MM,it stands for muscle man his enemy is called freezeray.Muscle man is so strong he can lift 100 trucks!. His car is a subru,it even has gold weels, it has horse power.

  14. Anonymous says:

    superhero work is good i like describing my superhero’s special powers and describing thunder wolf.

    By Joe

  15. Anonymous says:

    My superhero,Thunderwolf has special powers: he bolts at 300mph,has razor eye sight that can detect enemies from miles away and he has super sharp hearing.With a body as hairy as a mammoth,strong armed and mighty giant legs,he stands at 8ft tall.
    He protects the world from evil,helps people in danger and is always there to save the day……. No one knows where he comes from or where he goes…….he’s a mystery!!!
    Now and then he will speak, he has a deep english voice and he tells us this is his life and his future. THE WORLD IS SAFE IN HIS HANDS!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    MY hero is a girl her name is cow back rider she rides cows and saves people buy capturing a guy called cow capturer. He captures cows and makes people pay for them back . He also sells the cows with bigger heads to rich people to get money . He has been capturing cows for the past 20yrs. HIS name real name is dinky evil no wonder he is evil. The reason why he is evil is because he had a cow call maisy . His mother killed it because she was angry at him because he went out with a girl without her knowing . BUT he doesnt know that she sent it to slaughter and then he ate it. BUT he has never talked to his mum from that very day. Libby

  17. Anonymous says:

    My super hero is called Wolves.she has purple and night black clothes.When she is in battle she grows a muddy brown tail, ears growing up above her long brown hair. Her eyes are as blue as the sky, her lips are rosy red and her teeth are as white as snow.

    The town’s evil Villain Cat catastrophe is her arch enemy. The powers she uses against the evil c.c are claw fang, sharp bight,super hear (by her wolf ears she grows) and tail waft.

    she is kind but sometimes is bossy, she has a sidekick called Wolfie who is a wolf! zoe

  18. iare says:

    My super hero was called thunder wolf, his special powers are 300mph running, super eye site, super strong, laser eye site.He has metal armor with spikes as sharp as a sword.His fir is as soft as a blanket and his claws are deadly sharp. He has eyes as red as angry larva, his mouth is as big as a persons head.He can hear from over ten miles away and smell from over fifteen miles away.He eats super food with super vitamins witch makes him very strong,he drinks super water that gives him enough energy to do all of his super heroes.His favorite food is super curry and his favorite drink is super coke. By Ciaren

  19. Anonymous says:

    I loved the superhero work but maybe we could take it to a further level and a make model of our superhero and maybe write a story.But other than that it was really fun and I would love to take it to a new step. cheers ethan

  20. Anonymous says:

    My superhero is called sparkfire. He is a very brave man and he is the strongest person in the world! Also sparkfire has a special power, that power is invisible power, so if there was a fight going on, and they were using guns, he would press a button on his arm and he would fight them all, but he would onliy kill the bad people though. Sparkfire’s eyes are bright green, red, purple and blue, but when he gets angry, his eyes go indigo! His clothes are as shiny as a bright, clean, shiny eye, his top is dark blue with a man kicking a football (it moves as if it is real, and it is 3D!) Sparkfire’s shoes are high tops and when there is an emergency, his shoes turn into rockets! His pants are chinos, as the same as his shoes, his pant turn metal and they shoot rockets and bullets from a gun. Louisa

  21. Anonymous says:

    My super hero is called captain mighty man and he is the powerfullest super hero in the universe and he is a good super hero..His eyes are fulled with blood and all of his face is too.Captain mighty mans legs are 100ft tall and so are his arms to.The body is as wide as 20 cars and as fat as 7 sheep.He has 10 enormas brothers and 10 ernormas sisters the vilages will be very happy.

    By Ryan

  22. Anonymous says:

    In class can we write a story about our super hero?

  23. Anonymous says:

    My superhero is called Strecho. She can strech her arms and legs 5 miles long and is also very flexible. She has X-ray vision so she can almost see everything. Once there was a bus that was about to fall of a bridge. It would be to late to run over so she streched her arms and caught the bus and saved the day; but, what will happen next…


    • Anonymous says:

      My superhero is just like your.His name is stretchy dude he can stretch his hole body round the earth 1000 times call that stretchy our what

  24. Anonymous says:

    my superhero is called amythst ava and her real name is amelia diana she wears pink costume with white dots.her hair is usaly blonde and when she is a superhero she has it in a french plait going down her back.her school that she goes to is st.trinians. amelias worst enemy is stinging stepheny.amythist amelias powers are hot amethist. Ellie

  25. Mr Smith says:

    I really enjoyed reading your super hero posts. I love your descriptions of super heroes/heroines, especially their costumes and their special powers. Have you considered any real life super heroes like the Mountain Rescue Teams who were on the news tonight?

    Mr Smith, Head Teacher, Nessfield Primary

  26. Pablo Demarchi says:

    Amazing superheroes! Great names, great skills… And some of you named some supervillains too! I would love to read some stories about them.

    Pablo Demarchi

  27. Xander says:

    Hello! I think the superheroes where quite a good idea. It may help develope the skills of yr 4/5 children. Brilliant idea!


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