Oxenhope CE Primary School

Believe and Achieve

First BLOG for Sapphire class!

Hello everyone, we plan to put a weekly blog on the website to inform parents about what is happening in class and so that you can talk to your children and also respond to us with comments or suggestions.

This week’s theme is exploring stories.

Last week we read the Runaway Pancake story and this week we are continuing with traditional stories and reading the Gingerbread Man story, the 3 Little Pigs and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

We will be:

  • Role playing the stories indoors and outdoors.
  • Retelling the stories in words and writing.
  • Making gingerbread men.
  • Building bridges for the goats and houses for the pigs.

Our maths (PSRN) focus this week is:

  • Adding and subtracting.
  • We will also talk about weight when we bake our gingerbread men.


  • New phonemes this week: le (l), dge (j), ve (v), wh (w).
  • These are already familiar phonemes but we are learning some alternative ways that we see them written.
  • Our new tricky word is you.


Thursday is world book day. We would like the children to come to school dressed as a favourite book character and also bring a favourite book to school.


We have some Scooby Doo mad boys in the class so we are trying to put together a box of resources for them. If you have any Scooby Doo toys, books, comics etc  that are not wanted anymore we would be grateful for them.

Thank you

Mrs Nutting, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Reynard and Mrs Kinnaird.