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On monday morning I will be telling you all about some Easter holiday reading challenges that you can take part in!

Look out for the letter this week explaining these challenges. I hope lots of you will join in, I can’t wait to find out what you are all reading!

Also look out for my ‘reading blog’ during the holiday and log on and send me some messages about your reading, I will do my best to reply each day.

Lets get Oxenhope reading mad!

Mrs Nutting


Sapphire class weekly news!

We were all very excited that our guinea pig arrived last monday and she is gradually getting used to us all. She has been home with Mrs Nutting this weekend and has been enjoying the sun in the garden! She’ll be back at school in the morning!

This week we will be talking about Easter and Easter traditions. We have an Easter challenge for all the children in Sapphire class-you’ll find out more on monday morning children!

Our maths this week will be thinking about length, distance and weight and using the correct words. We will be doing some problem solving outside.

We are not going to learn any new phonemes until after the holiday so we will be practising everything we have done in phase 2 and 3 so far. Please continue to practise from your letters and sounds books in the holiday.

On Wednesday we are going on a wellie walk to Thomas’s granddad’s farm, if any parents/carers would like to wellie walk with us you would be very welcome.

Please continue to read and comment on our class blogs, it helps us to know what the children have been talking about at home and what they have enjoyed at school.

thank you
Mrs Nutting, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Kinnaird and Mrs Reynard

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Sapphire class guinea pig has arrived!

Sapphire class were very excited to find that they had a new arrival on monday morning, a small, white guinea pig. All the children thought of names and put them into a box. We drew the names out and called her Coco.
We are busy learning how to care for her. At the moment she is very shy but I’m sure she will get used to our busy classroom very soon.


Book Club News

Our Year 4 Book Club met for the second time last week!
Thank you to Saffron for writing her ideas for what makes a good book: a good storyline, the blurb, the picture on the front cover, a series of books to make you want to read more, interesting characters. Perhaps you could reply below with your own!
We have chosen to read a Roald Dahl book – esio trot. Let us know if you have read it! We meet again on the 30th March, new members are always welcome!
Mrs Brooks

As the children in my class are interested in quizzes at the moment, perhaps we will devise a book quiz! Any suggestions, let me know!

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Sapphire class news!

This week has been another busy week in Sapphire class!

The week started with our visit to the life caravan where Harold told us all about being happy and healthy.
We have found out more about being happy and healthy during the week.

On Wednesday Mrs Kinnaird helped Polly and Gabby to run a smoothie and milk shake cafe for the morning and we all enjoyed delicious fruit smoothies and milk shakes. Well done girls!

The children have also been trying out different ways of exercising outside including building their own obstacle courses and devising lots of different types of races. Mrs Nutting had to try out each race including the running with a bucket of water race-we had lots of fun!

Our pirate ship is still popular so next week we plan to make some treasure maps!

We have also had some special visitors this week!

On Monday and Tuesday Amelia brought Cuthbert the caterpillar to school so we looked at non fiction books to find out more about caterpillars and butterflies and some children did some writing and drawing.

On Friday Thomas brought us some frogspawn from his granddads pond to look at. We are excited about seeing the frogspawn turn into tadpoles.

Our maths (PSRN) focus this week was:
•Subtracting/taking away from groups of objects.

Our new phonemes were: ow, oi, ear, air.
Our new tricky word is her.


I’m sure next week will be just as busy and just as much fun!


Zak and Bilal’s sea quiz

Zak D and Bilal from Sapphire class have written a sea quiz.
They have asked me to put it on the school blog and would like lots of people to have a go answering their questions!
Next friday they will reveal the answers and give a prize for the most correct!

1. How do whales breathe?
2. What are octopuses arms called?
3. How do crabs get their food?
4. How do turtles hide from animals that want to eat them?
5. Where do turtles lay their eggs?
6. How do you know that sea horses love each other?
7. What do puffer fish do when they are scared?
8. How do starfish stick to rocks?
9. How old can dolphin live to?

Type your answers into the blog for Zak and Bilal to check.

Good luck!


Wow Week Storybirds!

During Wow Week the group working with Miss Davis used a website called ‘Storybird’ to create their own virtual books!

ALIENS!!!! by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope23 on Storybird

HOCKUS POCKUS by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope21 on Storybird

Dogs adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope28 on Storybird

The adventure of LuLu! by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope7 on Storybird

Animals Are Silly by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope9 on Storybird

A Hero by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope27 on Storybird

Will You Be My Friend? by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope4 on Storybird

THE FROGS by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope29 on Storybird
ANIMAL ISLAND IS CRAZY by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope8 on Storybird

A Girls Best Friend! by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope31 on Storybird

A Milllion Years by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope26 on Storybird

GOING TO HOSPITAL. by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope13 on Storybird

In your dreams. by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope15 on Storybird

A Baby is Delivered by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope22 on Storybird

The Animals That Only Wanted A Drink by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope0 on Storybird

Sailor by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope1 on Storybird

WHAT CATS GET UP TO WHEN YOUR NOT HOME! by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope24 on Storybird

Cartoonz by Oxenhopestorytellers, oxenhope3 on Storybird


Can you help Sapphire class?

We have a group of children who are Scooby Doo mad! We have started a Scooby Doo tub. If you have any Scooby Doo toys, books or comics you no longer want we would be very grateful for them.

We are also hoping to get hold of some Ben 10 and Star Wars toys, books and comics.

Please have a look in your toy cupboard or toy box and see if you can help us!

Thank you from everyone in Sapphire Class.

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What’s happening in Sapphire Class this week? (5.03.12)

Sapphire Class Blog 5.03.12- This week’s theme is exploring seas and oceans.

This theme has come from the children’s interests and our observations of their play. Some children suggested we explore under the sea, other children have been playing fishing games and there has been quite a lot of pirate role play going on.

We will be:

  • Reading fish themed stories.
  • Retelling and role playing the stories.
  • Writing our own stories.
  • Finding out about the sea by using non fiction books in the library and also the internet.
  • Exploring things found in the sea-shells, pebbles etc.

Our maths (PSRN) focus this week is:

  • Subtracting/taking away from groups of objects.

Phonics (phase 3 week 7):

  • New phonemes this week: cks (as in socks, the same as x in fox), tch (ch), nk (as in tank).
  • Our new tricky word is they.

You might like to have a look at www.phonicsplay.co.uk.  It is an excellent site with lots of games, printable resources and information for parents.

ALSO have a look at www.oxfordowl.co.uk. There are loads of games, activities and e books to share all of which support your child’s learning at school.

How you can help at home:

Talk about our theme. Help your child to do some research at home about the sea and sea creatures. Let us know what you find out!


Thank you

Mrs K Nutting, Mrs S Brooks, Mrs K Kinnaird, Mrs C Reynard.


Book Club

Mrs Brooks has started a new Book Club who met for the first time today!Pupils from Year 4 were invited and 9 people came along! We had a lovely discussion about what books we like to read, authors we are interested in and ways to organise our group! Everyone is continuing to read their own books until our next meeting which is in 2 weeks time! Remember book clubbers – I would like to know what makes a good book?!

Mrs Brooks will talk to Year 6 children next week to see if they would be interested to set up a Book Club too!

Any suggestions are always welcome!