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World Book Day

on March 1, 2012

As part of World Book Day we are going to write a story together using the blog. Each class will take it in turns to write a chapter for the book by clicking on ‘comments’. Number the chapters in order and include your class name and by the end of the day we should have written a story together as a school – fingers crossed! 🙂

22 Responses to “World Book Day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 1 – Sapphire
    Once upon a time there was a band of 100 pirates. They all lived on a ship called the Golden Skeleton and the captain’s name was Blackbeard the Great and one of his crew was a little boy called Billy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 2 Amethyst
    One day Captain Blackbeard said there was treasure to be found and Billy and his friend Jane were excited to sail the high seas to find the treasure. The Captain said ‘I want that treasure but how can I find it?’ They found a map where X marked the spot and then set sail for their adventure.

  3. Topaz Class says:

    Chapter 3 – Topaz

    It was a stormy Friday night, with rough waters when the pirates set off on their adventure. Billy was feeling scared, he didn’t like the rough water!
    They had been sailing for a few hours and the weather was getting worse! “Aggggghhh!” cried Captain Blackbeard “There’s a giant rock in the way of our path!” “That’s not a rock!” shouted little Billy. Jane looked closely “It’s MOVING!!” Captain Blackbeared was shocked, “It appears to be some kind of monster!!”
    The pirates were terrified and clung to each other tightly because they were sooooooooo afraid! The pirates didn’t know, but the object that was moving was a SHRIMP-O-PUS, half shrimp and half octopus…

  4. Diamond Class says:

    Chapter 4 – Diamond

    As it was approaching the Golden Skeleton, the pirates were feeling shocked but also full of courage ready to battle whatever was in the water. Whilst this was happening Billy and Jane sprinted down into the cabin below. Suddenly the monster lerched out! There were huge, sloppy tenticles with suckers that had sharp pointy, teeth inside. The SHRIMP-O-PUS threw itself up on to the deck whilst screeching ready for battle.

    Out of nowhere a gigantic wave like a stampede of white horses crashed over the ship pushing the vessel towards a volcanic island…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 5 Emerald

    The Golden Skeleton crashed onto the hot sandy beach of the deserted volcanic island. The ship smashed into a thousand pieces. However, the pirates were thrown up into the air as though they had been fired out of a cannon. The pirates landed with an enormous thud flat on their faces and sand in their mouths.

    Unbelievably nobody was seriously injured! The pirates rose to their feet, they looked around and the island appeared to be a whole new world. The pirates walked for hours and hours and suddenly found an amazing opening to an undiscovered lair.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 6 Quartz

    The mysterious lair was made of pure gold. The pirates had found what they were looking for, the hidden treasure! From the floor to the ceiling everything was gold, glimmering through the golden cave. ” We`ve found it!” Captain Blackbeard, Billy and Jane shouted excitedly.

    Suddenly there was a massive rumble and everyone fell to the floor! Billy turned round to see what it was. The door of the cave had collapsed and the SHRIMP-O-PUS was crawling towards them. Was this the end of Captain Blackbeard and the crew of the Golden Skeleton…?

  7. declan says:

    How can captain blackbeard get home? they found a pile of wood near the volcano but there was’nt enough to build a boat to get home,so Billy finds more wood,captain blackbeard tells everyone to build a boat but will they get home?????

  8. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 7 – Amethyst

    blac beeerd got his sord off the flor to fite the shrimp-o-pus. billy and jane hid
    in the trees and the uther pirutse helpt blac beerd kill the shrimp-o-pus. hray for the
    piruse they yeld and they livd haplee everafter.

  9. Josh says:

    chapter 7

    When it started to rumble billy and jane and the pirates was so terrified that they got there swords out and started to fight the SHRIMP-O-PUS.
    But every time they tried to hit it it just went and sucked the pirates but suddenly the SHRIMP-O-PUS stopped. The SHRIMP-O-PUS started to shake and it diddn’t move it didn’t blink even for one minuet. Then it had some bumps through it and then the SHRIMP-O-PUS was getting bigger and the bumps were as well and then the other pirates got out of the evil SHRIMP-O-PUS.

    Billy and Jane we saying “yay,yippy,well done.” But the they all heard something else rumbiling but louder and it got louder from a few minuets away.They started running and they saw loads of boats a few minuets away. They started to run as fast as they could and then captin black beard said ” RUN” Billy and Jane also the 100 other pirates started to charge but some other pirates vwas there before them but what happend next…

  10. Samuel says:

    what a good story! i think blackbeard will survive and take his treashure back home.

  11. nuala says:

    chapter7 Nuala Just then the shimp o puss bashed on the lair then a whole gang of shimp o pusses got their suckers and got hold of captain blackbeard then gobbled him all up everyone screamed and ran for their lives. But Billy and Jane was so frighten they ran deeper into lair then they saw a dirty old golden lamp and decided to give it a clean out poped a Genie . the Genie of the lamp offered one wish . Billy and Jane wished to be at home .

  12. nuala says:

    chapter 8 When they got Home their MUMS and DADS had a party Because they had come back .They had lots and lots of CAKE!it was the best PARTY ever plus the band came they all LOVED it Just then another Boss came in named captain Sam suddenly the party stopped Billy and Jane said dont take us away again ok said Sam I will take who ever want to go great they all said .

  13. Anonymous says:

    Chapter9 katie

    Captain Sam didn’t listen to Billy and Jane…. He tuck Billy and Jane to the cabin But suddenly…… the shrimp O pus banged the boat and Capitan Sam dropped Billy and Jane happily they managed to askape every one laughed because captain Sam got eaten.

  14. Bilal says:

    The shirmp o pus had a tummy ache. It was sick and captain Sam came flying out. He grabbed his sword and swam to the shore. He found the map in his pocket with a drawing of a cave with X in the middle. He followed the map to the cave and he got some of the treasure hidden in the cave. Then Billy and Jane came on a rescue plane and found Captain Sam.

    • Mrs Nutting says:

      Wow! What a fantastic idea for the story Bilal. Perhaps you could pretend to be Captain Sam or Billy in our pirate ship in the classroom and then think about the next part of the story!

  15. Eleanor DIAMOND class says:

    REALLY GOOD STORY!! I really enjoyed it!!

  16. jake says:

    well done year 3, that was really good

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. jake says:


  19. Maisy harness says:

    I love work for world book day

  20. jake says:

    the world book day was amazing.

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