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Reading partner information meeting

There will be a meeting on wednesday at 2.45pm for anyone interested in becoming an Oxenhope reading partner. Come along and find out how you can help the children in school to become even more fantastic readers. Parents/carers/grandparents/friends/neighbours all welcome.

Reading partner training starts the following wednesday at 1pm.

Hope to see lots of you on wednesday.

Thank you

Mrs Nutting

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Sapphire Class News


We are very busy in our class finding out about other planets and space travel!

We have 2 alien visitors who want to learn more about life on earth! They are called Zorg and Zorga! Everyone will have the chance to take them home to meet their families and write about what they do in the 2 diaries we have made! This week Mrs Kinnaird made moon buns at the request of Zak D and we had a party with our aliens! We have learned a new dance called “Space walking.”

Next week we are visiting the Star Cente in Keighley.We hope they will be able to answer all our questions about space! We must remember to take Zorg and Zorga with us too!

Coco our guinea pig is getting braver. She is talking to us more and Miss Dawson has brought her out for us to pet a few times. Toby brought us a leaflet about looking after guinea pigs and he very kindly brought Coco some treats to nibble on!

We are reading books by the author Julia Donaldson. Lucy brought her collection into school to share with us. We are reading “Charlie Cook’s favourite book” next week and have invited an adult to share a book with us in class over the next 2 Thursdays.

Keep reading everybody!

Mrs Nutting and Mrs Brooks, Mrs Reynard and Mrs Kinnaird


Goodbye Ingleborough

Setting off – some thoughts from the minibus.
It was the best ever.
I want to go every year.
I’m tired!
Residentials every year please 🙂
I’m looking forward to going home.
It was wicked.
I’m sad I’m leaving but I’m looking forward to seeing my family.


Ingleborough thoughts from Meregill

Libby says- We went into a deep cave and I was a bit scared but it was really fun.

Anna says- I hated the deep water and challenges but now I’m dry and warm.

Olivia says- In the show cave my favourite rock shapes were the granny and grandpa teeth.

Maisy says- My dorm has 3 bunk beds, 1 sink, a mirror and a big window. I am on a top bunk in Meregill. I liked the dance but its not the type of dance I would usually do.


Caving with Norber group

Saffron says – On the tight squeeze I felt like I was stuck because
I couldn’t get my legs round to go down and I was worried about getting wet. I’m glad I went on the sandwich because I thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive but I was really proud when I had done it!

Naomi – I didn’t like it when we had to go through the deep and dirty water because my suit filled with water and I was all wet. We went down the slide and I ended up getting my hair and my hand in a puddle. When we had to crawl through the caterpillar I was really proud of what I had done and ran out of the cave.

Ellen – Although the mud was up to my knees it made me feel like I shouldn’t worry because it was funny. I loved the tight squeezes because it made you worry but when I got out it was a big relief and I thought I could do that again.

Harriet – First I was scared when I went in but when I came out I felt happy that I had conquered my fears and also it was really cool!

Imogen – I liked going caving and I liked the tight slide. I did get stuck once but I got out again – I did all the challenges!

Jasmine – Tight slide was my favourite thing in the cave because I got soaked and I really enjoyed it!


From breakfast to tea!

Ryan says – The sticky toffee pudding was really nice.

Jamie says – Breakfast was nice, I had rice crispies, toast, bacon and beans.

Gabriel says – The poached egg was epic!

Matthew says – Tea was really nice and I had jacket potato and chicken nuggets.

Josh says – I love the scrumptious toffee pudding and it was lovely and the best tea I had ever with my friends!



Another day, another exciting set of adventures!

Our intrepid Year 4 children have braved the caves of Ingleborough and emerged triumphant having conquered their fears and risen to the challenge. Slides, crawls, climbs and squeezes all had there place, but I’ll let the children blog and tell you all about it after tea.


Reaching for the stars!

During collective Worship we were talking about setting goals and the journey to reaching them.

Let us know about any goals you’ve achieved and how you reached them or any which you’ve just set and how they are going.

From Mrs Jones


Gorge Scrambling

Saffron – I preferred climbing the smaller rocks because the larger rocks were more slippy and I kept falling because I was scared of heights! It was a really fun experience.

Ellen – Although it was raining it made it more challenging and exciting for us.

Imogen – It was fun but terrifying because I kept thinking I was going to fall, but I only slipped a little and was fine. I was really confident after I got used to it and it was really fun.

Naomi – I felt really safe because I had a harness on and we were climbing up a cliff it was ties on to a cliff.

Harriet – I found it really fun but my favourite part was when I was sent down to get the bag but it was really heavy and I couldn’t pick it up.

Jasmine – My favourite part was when I nearly fell off, I was okay and made it to the top. It was a really fun experience and I learned a lot about how to climb safely.


Ingleborough show cave formations

     Megan, Anna, Libby, Olivia, Maisie and Rhianna visited Ingleborough show cave. There were lots of interesting formations including stalactites and stalagmites made from calcium.  The cave was discovered by Victorian explorers who gave the formations names based on what they thought they looked like. For example, there was one which looked like an elephant and another which looked like a coffee pot.

Libby writes, “When you tap stalacties they make different sounds.”

Anna writes, “One of them was shaped like Queen Victoria’s ball gown.”

Megan writes, “The cave is even older than dinosaurs.”

Rhianna writes,” When the lights were turned off it was pitch black.”

Have a look at the photographs above.  If you had discovered these formations what name would you give them?