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Our Journeys of Faith

on April 19, 2012

During reflection time we are thinking about our own journeys of faith. Please add your own journey of faith experiences, prayers, and what you consider are your blessings in life. Think about the challenges you face or are facing during this time when we are thinking about moving on.

18 Responses to “Our Journeys of Faith”

  1. Louisa says:

    I have always wanted to go on the walk Jesus took to the last supper. Jesus was a great man, but he gave his life up for us because he wanted us to have a better life. This is obviously true, that Mary + Joseph were really upset when he died. Mary + Joseph will miss Jesus now!!! louisa 🙂

  2. Charlotte D says:

    I think we all go though a huge journey of being born and dieing.

  3. alex says:

    The jorney of life and death every day is 1 day of life gone and 1 day less till death

  4. Kareena says:

    I think that everday is a journey of faith!

  5. sam f quartz says:

    I think my blessing from God was my life. Without it, I woudn’t be here! It is the most precious thing ever. If you lose it, you don’t get another. So I think my journey of faith is my life. :->

  6. Ami from Quartz says:

    I think my blessing is been here right now!
    I think we go on a huge journeys through life and school.

  7. Oliver says:

    I think life is a jorny of faith becaus u can’t chang what you have done

  8. tom says:

    I had a journey when I moved house.

  9. Mrs nutting says:

    Hi Quartz class. It is really interesting to read all your reflection time comments, what a great idea and a good way of sharing your thoughts and feelings.
    Mrs Nutting

  10. Isaac S says:

    What is a ‘Journey’? What is ‘Faith’? The question is unanswerable without that knowledge.

  11. Isaac S says:

    Oh. My ‘Journey of Faith’ is Life. To describe it, a great example is Passage by Jason Rohrer. It is a game that is art and is designed to provoke the emotions.

  12. Mackenzie says:

    Life is my journey of faith.

  13. Megan :) Y6!! says:

    Hiya everyone, today I found out that Moses is a significant character in other religions such as Islam, not only Christionality. He is an important prophet for Muslims, who call him Musa.

  14. ciaran says:

    I think we go through journeys every day and that we go to sleep and wake up and that’s a journey from ciaran

  15. Katie Yr6 says:

    According to the Book of Exodus, Moses was born in a time when his people, the Children of Israel, were increasing in number and the Egyptian Pharaoh was worried that they might help Egypt’s enemies. Moses was sent into the River Nile because the Eygptians were killing all the baby boys incase Jesus was one of them. When Moses was older God promised a land, ‘the promise land’.

  16. maddi yr6 says:

    Hi megan,
    That is interesting. I found out that moses is honored in christianity, Islam and Judaism.

  17. peter says:

    my journey was when I moved school. My journey was like jods journey to heaven I felt a bit scared but I dont now.

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