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The Queen

What do you know about The Queen?

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600 Miles in 100 Days!

I’m beginning a sponsored challenge to raise money for Candlelighter’s Charity.  This is a charity that (in short) provides funding for research and equipment and provides support for the children and families of children that are diagnosed with cancer (which on average is 4 every day!)

This charity means a lot to my family and I.  I had Leukaemia as a child and after the help and support I received from them I feel I owe something back, so, here goes!

Over the next 100 days (May 14th-Aug 22nd) I will ride 600 miles!  I would really appreciate it if you could dig deep and sponsor me to do this, I’m hoping to raise ÂŁ250!  Sponsoring me is very easy to do…. just go online and visit:


Any donations would be brilliant!

Thank You!

Martha Anderson


Guided Reading Question – Emerald

We are reading a book about the coastline of Britain and it says that the West Coast rocks are hard and the East Coast rocks are softer. We would like to know why this is and if you can explain it for us?
Olivia, Saffron, Ryan, Matthew, Anna, Libby

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SATs Success

This week, year 6 children in Quartz class will be busy with their SATs.  Please post your thoughts / feelings and good luck messages here.

If you’re in year 6, tell us how they are going.

Mrs Jones, Mr Burns, Mrs Dyson, Miss Anderson & Miss Dawson


Emerald Question

Jasmine would like to know how and why the Earth spins?


Emerald Weekly Review

We have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes this week and some of the class have been looking at Euler’s special number. If you add the number of faces and vertices then take away the number of edges what number do you get?

number of faces + number of vertices – number of edges = ??

Is this true for all 3D shapes? Investigate and reply with your findings. Above is a picture of a table to show all the information, thank you Lewis for letting us show your work.

In science we made paper spinners to investigate forces. 

We also started to read a book together called Journey to Jo’Burg about a journey taken by some children in South Africa during Apartheid. We will continue to read this book and discuss the issues it raises over the coming weeks.

The big news is we finally have our class fish 🙂 Thank you to Jolleys Pet Shop for providing the fish and helping us to a great start. They don’t have names yet but I’m sure they will have soon!

Homework this week has been about investigating 3D shapes (at the top of this blog), a spelling investigation and also a science reading sheet about forces.

Have a good weekend.


Absent Emeralds

Some of Emerald Class are on a break away from school so please share here what you are doing. Above is a picture of some of our new fish, not a very good picture because they wont stay still long enough! Let us know what you are up to and we will reply and let you know what we are doing in school.


Kandinsky Maths

Emerald Class have been inspired by Kandinsky and Mr Birrane to create their own 2d and 3d shape inspired pictures. Can you describe your picture using mathematical language so we know which one is yours?

Try and use the words parallel, perpendicular, 2d shape names, 3d shape names, acute, obtuse, right angle and any other mathematical descriptive words you can.

Please reply Emerald class.


Book Club News

hello everyone!

We met again at lunchtime this week to discuss our latest book – an adaptation of Oliver Twist. It hasn’t been as popular, as it is quite a difficult book to read because it is from a different period in our time. Harriet described it as old fashioned – it is set in Victorian London. When you read a book like this you have to imagine what it was like to live in those times.

Lara wrote a great continuation of Esio Trot! She extended the characters and made her story funny and interesting. Well done Lara!

We are reading The Peppermint Pig next, by Nina Bawden. I remember a television adaptation of it when I was young so I am looking forward to reading it again!

Remember new members are always welcome, and  you are welcome to add your comments to my post – I do read them and try to reply!

Keep reading!

Mrs Brooks


Bilal’s questions!

Thank you for answering Bilal’s question about the order of the planets. It was very helpful!

This week Bilal would like to know

How many days does it take for the earth to spin round the sun?