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Kandinsky Maths

on May 8, 2012

Emerald Class have been inspired by Kandinsky and Mr Birrane to create their own 2d and 3d shape inspired pictures. Can you describe your picture using mathematical language so we know which one is yours?

Try and use the words parallel, perpendicular, 2d shape names, 3d shape names, acute, obtuse, right angle and any other mathematical descriptive words you can.

Please reply Emerald class.

12 Responses to “Kandinsky Maths”

  1. Anonymous says:

    MY MATHS picture has 19 parallel lines and an oval shape on the left of the sheet.Also mine has a 2d rectangle with angles inside the shape.There is also some lines different to straight lines.Aswel as what you can see there is 2 perpendicular lines.
    Try and guess what my picture is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My maths kandinsky has a cylinder, a cuboid, a cube and a pyramid at the bottom of all of the pictures. It has 2 parallel lines and 4 perpendicular lines. It has a yellow, brown, light blue and orange on my kandinsky. Try finding a net in school for ALL shapes and try it out!!! 😉 Louisa

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if my message has been sent, but I have just noticed something you can find out. On my picture you can see little pictures, you can count how many little shapes you can find. If you have worked out how many little shapes you can see, please reply on my message or on kandinsky maths with emerald class. Louisa

  4. Eleanor T says:

    My Kandinsky inspired picture has:
    4 cylinders, each cylinder has 2 flat circlure faces, 1 curved face and 0 corners.
    2 cuboids with 6 flat rectangular faces and 8 corners.
    6 cubes with 6 flat square faces and 8 corners.
    An isosolese triangle with 4 sets of parallel lines inside.
    A 3d square based pyramid
    6 Triangular monster faces with triangle teeth
    Close to the middle is a check board, made up of black and white squares
    I have lot of little shapes as well so if you find mine please count and BLOG ! B-)

    Thanks Eleanor T

  5. gabriel says:

    This may not be to do with maths but for art lessons I thought we could look at some art work about joan miro he is one of my favirate artists and when he uses black he makes it look brilliant from gabriel

  6. Saffron says:

    My picture has a cone in the middle. All my right angles are brown and my perpendicular lines are puurple. I have other clues but if you can work out whitch picture is mine great!!!!!! From Saffron…

    • Rhianna.H says:

      I can easily guess yours Saffy because it has your name on it, but I can still guess it anyway. Its great!

  7. gabriel says:

    my pictures the one with the yellow sfere with the purple cileder on top on the left hand side

    from gabriel:D

  8. Lewis L says:

    My kandinsky picture has a big multi coloured triangle,i also have a multi coloured squared based pyrmid.


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