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Absent Emeralds

on May 10, 2012

Some of Emerald Class are on a break away from school so please share here what you are doing. Above is a picture of some of our new fish, not a very good picture because they wont stay still long enough! Let us know what you are up to and we will reply and let you know what we are doing in school.

9 Responses to “Absent Emeralds”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello mr parkin im having a great weekend are you? ive just been listing to jusin bieber songs so i got carried away!!!!!! ive been playing wih my sister Mia on the trampoline beacuse lily is at her friends house

    ive had a great weekend

    Ellie B

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello again Mr Parkin i think that the fish are very cute and are suitable for our class i hope you have fun on your weekend

    Ellie B

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Mr.Parkin thank you for getting us these fish.We especially like the blackfish and the green and red ones thank you again for getting us them.


  3. Lewis L says:

    I went to Lee Qrarry on a bike ride

  4. will says:

    the fish are great,i like watching them fighting over there food and they are very entertaning.
    have a good week mr Parkin

    by Will

  5. ciaren says:

    the fish are awesome because they can hold there breath for a long time. only joking fish breeth through their gills 😉


  6. ryan says:

    The fish are excellent!
    I realy wanted some fish in the classroom. I like watching them swim about in their tank.

    Thank you Mr parkin for getting the fish

    From Ryan!

  7. Rhianna.H says:

    Well done Eleanor for winning the fish compotion you picked the best fish ever and thank you Jolly’s pet shop for helping us get the fish, I relay like the fish, I hope everyone else likes them.
    Rhianna:-) 🙂

  8. Naomi says:

    Hi Everyone
    I am back from my hols I have had a FANTASTIC time I did rock climing,Ice scating,Crazy golf, we visited Medeira a Portugese island, Tenerife, Gran Canary, Lanzarote and Vigo in spain that was the last port of call!
    PS:The fish look cool!

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