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600 Miles in 100 Days!

on May 21, 2012

I’m beginning a sponsored challenge to raise money for Candlelighter’s Charity.  This is a charity that (in short) provides funding for research and equipment and provides support for the children and families of children that are diagnosed with cancer (which on average is 4 every day!)

This charity means a lot to my family and I.  I had Leukaemia as a child and after the help and support I received from them I feel I owe something back, so, here goes!

Over the next 100 days (May 14th-Aug 22nd) I will ride 600 miles!  I would really appreciate it if you could dig deep and sponsor me to do this, I’m hoping to raise £250!  Sponsoring me is very easy to do…. just go online and visit:


Any donations would be brilliant!

Thank You!

Martha Anderson

8 Responses to “600 Miles in 100 Days!”

  1. Miss Dawson says:

    Well done Miss Anderson!!! Such a worthy cause.

    Please keep us updated on your journey. How many miles so far?

    Miss Dawson

  2. 93 DAYS LEFT: 12 miles tonight, so new total of 34 miles done! Went on a hill hunt and pushed myself, plenty of uphill miles, feel great (but tired) now! Thanks for the new donations, £190! Brilliant! 😀

  3. 91 DAYS LEFT: What lovely weather we’ve had, I’m hoping it sticks around for the weekend! New running total of 45 miles completed after today’s ride, leg’s are aching! On the bright side… I’m really looking forward to tomorrow when I’ll have got my first 10 days finished! Please keep donating 🙂

  4. Mrs Brooks says:

    Well done Miss Anderson – the weather has been glorious all weekend but not so much fun when you have to ride a bike in it! Hope your legs are okay, see you on Tuesday.
    Mrs Brooks

  5. 87 DAYS LEFT: A brilliant weekend! Two lovely rides in the sun, resulting in: a) very sore sunburn, b) bruised and cut legs but c) a new total of 76 Miles completed and another £20 raised! Now time for some much needed kip 🙂

  6. Ami says:

    Welldone Miss Anderson !!!
    Keep on going !
    Youre doing really well and doing it for a great cause too !!!

  7. Eleanor says:

    How many miles have you done so far, and did you ride on your birthday?

    Well done.

    Eleanor T

  8. Josh says:

    well I hope you do all the miles is it 600 days or miles ? forgot
    so how many miles have you done so far
    cant wait to see how much money we raised so who many miles in your ride so see you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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