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Emerald Long Weekend

Please reply here with what you are doing on this extended weekend.



Emerald Weekly Review

We have been making leaflets about the Titanic and Ingleborough Hall. Miss Redding came in to class and taught us dancing in decades to different music. We are practicing this dance for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We have been finding out about the history of the Queens reign and looked at timelines.

We have been having a lot of fun this week!

In maths we have been using Kandinsky pictures to inspire our own 2d and 3d pictures using the properties of different shapes – using degrees, angles, parallel and perpendicular and using protractors. Some of these will be photographed and put on the blog at a later date. We have also been learning our times tables.

In art we have been using charcoal to draw pictures of the Titanic and Ingleborough.

In circle time we have talked about how to react in difficult situations, for example if you fall out with your friends. We played Chinese Whispers to show how ideas can change when passed between different people.

We’ve nearly finished reading our class book by Neil Gaiman.

By Emerald Class

Please post any comments about what else you have learned, enjoyed or would like to learn more about.

Mr Parkin


Emerald Maths

Ciaren wants to know if you can get a net for a sphere and what it looks like?

Thanks, please post a reply and where you got the information from.


bilal’s question this week!

Bilal has a new question! It is a challenge – maybe there will be a prize!

Do you know what order the planets are in -start close to the sun and work away!

post your comments this week and we will check them next week!

Mrs Brooks and Bilal


The Titanic

Emerald Class are researching the Titanic, we want to know all the places she sailed to or went to before sinking. Please list them in time order in your reply and say where you got your information from eg the name of the book or the website.

Thanks, Mr Parkin 🙂