Oxenhope CE Primary School

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Beast Creator – Narwhals and Swordfish

After the holiday we will be starting our imaginative learning project Beast Creator. Please can you research the life cycles, habitats, body parts and functions of different mini-beasts. We will also be looking at scientific discoveries and developing our scientific skills of note taking, researching, investigating and explaining using scientific language.

Please can you start your Super Scientist research online and post links to websites and information you think we will find useful.

Thank you, have a good holiday – Mr Parkin

I’ve added these clips, have a watch of them and then blog about what you think…



Narwhal Maths – again :)

I’ve moved this link back to the top of the blog as you are all using it to have a go at the online questions. Have fun! 🙂




Internet Safety for Year 5 and 6

It has been a long day for our digital leaders – well done for introducing e-safety to the school. From some of the discussions we have had today the children would like to share this link to the cbbc website where there are resources, short films and games that help to discuss important online safety issues and provide solutions and safety tips to help you manage your online life.


Please reply about what you find useful.


Wonderful news from Merlin!

Dear Children

I was awoken very early this morning by the sound of a hundred magical creatures appearing in a bright flash in my bedroom this morning.
Apparently Bargo, a very inquisitive goblin, had logged on to your blog and read one of the spells out loud. Guess what? It worked! Gordo, the goblin king, told me that they were all sucked up through the ceiling in Miss Davis’ classroom. Please apologise to Mr Armstrong for any mess this may have caused.
They are now all asleep in their many rooms in my castle. All of them are exhausted from their adventures and I’m sure that when they awaken they will have many exciting tales about the children of Oxenhope to tell me.
Thank you for entertaining them all last week. I am so happy they are back with me now.

From your friend



Safer Internet Day by The Digital Leaders


Above is a link to ThinkuKnow website where you can find a video about SID which shows some ways that people need to stay safe online.

Please can you write your own ideas for lyrics or design you own superhero to help people make the right choices about staying safe online.

Thank you, The Digital Leaders


Merlin is heartbroken!

Hello children

You have had such an exciting week and have created so many wonderful things for the magical creatures to marvel at.

They have just told me that they want to stay in Oxenhope forever and will not give me or you the ‘catcher spell’ to send them back to me.
I am so lonely without them all. I miss my magical friends so much. Please can you help me?
Some of you have started to write your own catcher spells already. Can you all write some more? I know how creative you are and I’m sure that at least one of them will bring all my friends back home to me.
Good luck children I hope you can help me.




The creatures need somewhere to live, can you help?

These are the houses which some of Key Stage 2 chidlren created so that Merlin’s creatures had somewhere to live. They also wrote them some persuative letters explaining how much the creatures would enjoy living there.
Mrs Jones


Gruesome Goblin Faces!

Today we were asked by the Goblin King to make some gruesome goblin faces. We used clay to shape and create faces!

Have a look I think you’ll be impressed!



Goblin’s Jars !

In our class we have been making jars for the magical creatures to put some of their precious things in. Read here to see how the chidlren made their wonderful models.


Jaberwocky Films

We have been reading the poem Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

Here are some still pictures of the backgrounds and characters from the poem that we have used to tell the story. Please reply and tell Merlin all about what we have been doing and why you think the goblins will be entertained by the films.