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999 Emergency on Stingray Street

999 Emergency

on Stingray Street!

The children of Stingray class were set a task of writing and recording a series of episodes on the theme of ‘999 Emergency’.

The series called ‘999 Emergency’ had to tell stories about a range of emergency incidents set in a local fictional community. Each week the scripts had to resolve the issues to make the listeners feel safe and secure.

Listen to what has been happening on Stingray Street and let us know what you think!

Miss Davis and Stingray Class

Theme Tune – Theme Tune

Episode 1 – Emergency at the Restaurant

Episode 2 – Police at Swimming Pool

Episode 3 – Smashing

Episode 4 – Rescue 999

Episode 5 – Emergency at School

Episode 6 – Train Rescue

Episode 7 – The Playground

Episode 8 – The Stolen Trophies



The power of insects – For Narwhal and Swordfish class

This is a link to the bbc iplayer programme about the role that insects play in our ecosystems. It has some fascinating information in it.


This is a link to the rather more gruesome insect dissection programme which examines the insides of various insects by taking them apart and studying them. Not for the faint hearted and remember – these are scientists who have many years of study behind them.


Choose to watch one or both of the episodes then let me know what you think, the first programme is 30 minutes long – the second is 60 minutes long.  🙂



Using creatures to control pests

On Friday afternoon Narwhals watched a video clip which showed how two types of insects were being used to control pests which damaged and killed crops.
Do you think this is a good idea or not? Blog your ideas here.


Genetically modified foods

On Friday I showed Narwhal class two information films all about genetically modified (GM) foods. I would like the children to research this subject in more detail and decide if GM foods are a good thing or not.
Blog your views here.