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What’s the deal?

on November 19, 2014

Delicious doughnut


Mr Fox wants some doughnuts – but he likes to save money whenever he can. He found a coupon in the paper for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The coupon was for £1 off a dozen doughnuts. This week they are on sale for £3.99 a dozen without the coupon and £0.35 a piece if you use the coupon. What do you think Mr Fox will do and why?

The offer ends soon though – so please help him make up his mind FAST!


11 Responses to “What’s the deal?”

  1. george says:

    Mr Fox doesn’t use the coupon because with the coupon its £4.20 without its £3.99

  2. Decalina balarina says:

    your sush an awsome teacher the anser is 3 pound 99

  3. igy imogen says:

    I love school it is so fun

  4. curlyhair finnely says:

    this blog is cool and mrs fox Im realy enjoying the black death topic

  5. Jelly Jasmine says:

    I don’t think MR Fox should use the coupon because it is over 4.00 with the coupon and only 3.99 without it.

  6. Amber says:

    Without the coupon it is £3.99

    To find the price with the coupon you have to do 35 times 12 because you want 12 doughnuts and each doughnut costs 35p. The answer is 420 which converts to £4.20.

    Mr fox won’t use the coupon as you get a better deal without it!

  7. Euan says:

    I think he shouldn’t use the coupon because with the coupon it is £4.20 without its £3.99 so why would he use the coupon if it costs more 😉

  8. Katie says:

    with the coupon its £4.20 without its £3.99 so mr. fox wouldn’t use the coupon. 🙂

  9. George says:

    I agree with the other George!

  10. Shamazing Mia says:

    Don’t use the coupon Mr Fox its going to cost you over £4.00 but without its £3.99

  11. Chilli lily says:

    Mr fox doesn’t need the coupon because it’s £3.99 without it and £4.20 with it.

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