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100 Word Challenge #2

on November 27, 2014

Can you sell this fabulously fashionable and oh-so-tasty spaghetti jumper? Use no more than 100 words to convince someone to buy this product. Remember to use commands, adjectives and exciting punctuation!



16 Responses to “100 Word Challenge #2”

  1. Amber and Katie says:

    Never go hungry again with this incredible jumper and meatball necklace. Eat all you want by just reaching out your hand and nibbling on the amazing spaghetti gloves!
    You can get them from any good clothing shop at an amazing bargain price. Only £10.99 per jumper! The jumper matches incredibly well with the necklass and gloves. As a super stylish look were this jumper with black leggings and pale eye shadow. Everyone will love you and admire you. Buy now, offer ends in three weeks and two days.Don’t forget to check out our fantastic new range of food clothing.

  2. munchkin maisie says:

    get a meat ball jummber for a friend for chrismas

  3. jacob says:

    Do you want an extremely irresistible jumper then come to spaghetti is us and by a spaghetti jumper today.At 20% off these jumpers are the coolest and best price around.And if that’s not enough for you we have also sold them to Katie Perry!So why don’t you come down today and buy one to be the trendiest person in town. Plus if you need a nibble it also comes with a meatball necklace. They are also sold at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys so come buy one today. The most unique Christmas jumper you will ever have.

  4. isabella says:

    Buy this jumper for 20 pounds!!!!
    when ever you get hungry you can eat it!
    What an amazing price for a such valuable thing, and
    such a comfotible jumper too!
    Wasting your money on packets of crisps, you can just eat it.
    on offer at NEXT in leeds or, HARVEY NICHOLS WOMENS WEAR.
    Out in stores now.
    With ever purchase you get a free meatball necless, and
    a jar of bolonagse souce!
    An offer not to miss.

  5. dancing daisy says:

    New coming to your stores today is a irresistible jumper and it’s not just the looks! Feeling hungry? Have a little nibble to fill you up! With a stylish necklace to match your jumper can walk around town looking like the coolest person in the world. Only 12.99 to buy at your local store today and go on our website for more information on our strawberry shoelace’s. seeya!

  6. Awesome Abi says:

    I”am ready to start mine I hope every one has to. Anyway Ill bring mine in tomorrow.

  7. Awesome Abi. says:

    Do you ever really need a snack and your mum does not let you. Well don’t panic buy this for £30.00 It’s a spaghetti t-shirt, buy It now you’ll get a meatball necklace included. you’ll be munching everywhere you go, In next, primark, Morrisons and even in your school. Make someone’s Christmas this year you can give it to your Mum,Grandma,Auntie,your little sister or even you favorite teacher. Oh and by the way we’ve just brought out men’s jeans In sizes S to XL so make Dads Christmas and your brothers, granddad and your uncles too. So buy it now for Christmas. Free cheesy spaghetti socks with every purchase made today, right now!
    but hold on just for you !!!! Half price pizza skirt, can we tempt you…

  8. Jelly Jasmine says:

    I think the challenge is brilliant but I think that if there was a real spaghetti jumper then I would just end up eating it!

  9. saskia india yr6 says:

    Feeling so hungry but fed up of spilling your food on your self? Then buy the new spag bol dress. That’s right you could buy it for 82p!(Per spagetti strand(you have to make dress))cheep only 5000000 strands to make it! Also you get the meaty neclace. And the tomato ketchup. Delicious
    Or what?
    Terms and conditions may aply. Spagetti 4weeks old. Meatballs stale. Also wear something under neath.

  10. Maisy says:

    This is amazing work year 6

  11. matthew says:

    Super duper work

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