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on September 16, 2016

Week Two

So ends another week.

It also brings an end to our allotment link through the Parish Council. We took on an allotment at the beginning of last year and had great plans to grow produce and have the children take pride in caring and cultivating plants over a period of time, establishing the allotment as part of our school curriculum. We firmly believe in the value of outdoor learning – experiencing the world through exploration and investigation.

Last year we had some brilliant success with Year 2 and Year 5 children taking great care and growing various flowers and vegetables from seeds. We had cabbages, peas, sunflowers, radish, spring onions and onions among others. Seeing the delight, pride and absolute fascination with growing these plants on their own was a joy to behold and not something we want to lose. redcabbage

The reality is that the allotment is a massive time and resource commitment for the school to maintain all year round and this is not fair on the children, the other allotment owners or the queue of people waiting for an allotment of their own if we are unable to meet this all the time. So many, many thanks to the Parish Council and the team of volunteers who allowed us to experience looking after an allotment and got us started. Sometimes you have to accept that something is not working quite right and try a different approach.

So we are taking what we have learned from the allotment and are going to set up our own school garden on a smaller scale in the Nature Area. This way we will have a smaller, more manageable resource for planting and growing that we can maintain alongside the rest of the Nature Area which we use for den building, fairy houses, problem solving, writing, investigating, mini-beast investigations – the list goes on!


We have already had some offers of help in order to make this happen sooner rather than later and we would welcome volunteers who can offer some help next week to set up the garden area and form a working party linked to the Nature Area in order to make decisions about the best use of the land and making links with the curriculum, classes and the community. If you are able to offer any time for cutting, lifting and digging only then that is great. Or if you have some ideas for how we can get best use out of the Nature Area that would be great too.

We have penciled in a working party meeting to discuss plans on Friday afternoon (23rd September from 13:30 for 30 minutes) with Mrs Jones however we would ideally have made a start on creating the garden area before then ready for a class who are ready and waiting to begin planting next week! If you have any time at the beginning of the week for moving, cutting, digging and generally getting stuck in then please can you contact the school office (office@oxenhope.bradford.sch.uk) or comment on the blog below. Depending on who is available,  and when, I will arrange for a member of staff to lead on what needs doing to get us started.nature-area-1

Thank you to those of you who have already expressed an interest in helping us get the most out of our Nature Area and I can promise that the joy experienced by the children after they have benefited from your hard work will be well worth the return, you may even be invited to sample the produce grown!

Mr Parkin

Acting Headteacher


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