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on September 23, 2016



Connections and Collaboration

The human brain makes a staggering number of connections, a number so large as to be incomprehensible in any meaningful sense to me. It’s a lot!

During the course of a school day we all make connections, maybe not on such a grand scale as those going on inside our brains but we connect with various people either face to face, over the phone, by email, letter, text or even a wave from a distance or a beep of a horn. It’s these connections that make a school such a vibrant place to be. Each member of the school community brings with them a unique viewpoint and it would be a very poor world indeed if everyone thought the same way about the same things.

Collaboration for me means working together towards a shared goal while understanding that the vision and path to the shared goal may look different for different people.

Homework is a good example of how we can all differ in our outlook. For some people our school homework can represent an intrusion in to family time, causing anxiety while for others it can seem to be not quite enough and for still others it is just about right. For us as a school it is about finding a balance which allows for everyone to be satisfied while still supporting the learning.

I read recently of a school Headteacher in Scotland who said no more! She wrote to the parents saying it was more important at home that the children were loved, played with, fed, given early nights, talked to, listened to and nurtured and that the school would then take on the learning from a stronger starting point.

I don’t know the context of the school but we are not quite in that position here. Even that statement will probably have some people wishing we were and some people glad that we’re not!

I think our homework adds to the experience of our curriculum and also provides a structure for learning some of the basics that need regular practice. It really is a joy to see children bringing their creative imaginings in to school.


Year 3 have brought in robot models of various sizes and shapes – the future of robotics looks to be in safe hands.






Year 4 have been busy at home and in school investigating potions and I have had the dubious pleasure of smelling some interesting potions as children come in to school in a morning, not for the faint of heart or stomach!




In Year 2 I have seen some amazing books, leaflets, instructions and word searches that have been made and enthusiastically shown and talked through as I’ve walked through the door.


Collaboration is fundamental to everything we do and yet sometimes it can be the hardest thing to get right. Thank you to those of you who take the time to share your ideas, thanks and criticisms with us. Without this continual feedback it would be impossible to move on together for the benefit of all the children in our school.


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