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on November 11, 2016

Good afternoon.wreath

Today in school we came together and shared a two minute silence in the hall, talking to the children about why we do this and what it means to people. We will also be placing a wreath, made by one of our year 6 children, at church during the service at St Mary’s on Sunday. The sale of the home made poppys raised £160 for the poppy appeal and £80 for school, to be spent by the school council.


This week I’ve been round the classrooms with my camera and snapped pictures of the role play and investigation areas in classrooms that are linked to our themes. Although each year group has a different topic there are certain similarities and expectations around what the children have access to in the environment and role play is among one of our expectations. I will move on to other areas such as resources, reflection areas, examples of childrens work and working walls in future blogs (and if working walls sounds a bit odd rest assured it isn’t a structural problem).

Having role play areas throughout school enhances the learning of the children significantly and enables them to engage with the topic physically in order to fire their imagination and provide a context for conversation and investigation. I have seen Year 6 children play at being Tudors and then write beautifully authentic accounts of life in the past. Likewise I have seen explorers shut off from the world in a tent on the frozen plains writing final diary entries before sleep, not knowing if it was to be their last, and potions being mixed in order to change base matter in to gold. No actual success on the last one but we keep trying!

It doesn’t take much to spark the imagination and ‘role play’ as a title doesn’t really do justice to the impact these aspects of the classroom have on children. It’s also great fun to step out of current reality in to the past, future or imagined worlds for a time and the value of fun as an end in itself cannot be overstated.

Reception Class is basically a cave of wonders in which to explore and investigate the world. I could have included a photo of every area both inside and out to showcase the experiential learning taking place.r

For Year 1 it is dinosaurs this half term and they have really taken to this topic. When I was out in the playground the children were either playing dinosaurs, digging up dinosaurs or looking for dinosaur eggs everywhere they could!y1 year-1

Year 2’s theme is Beat Band Boogie and we have our very own judges panel and opportunities to perform.


Year 3 are exploring the myths and legends from Ancient Greece and along with other role play have the chance to build the Parthenon.


Year 4 are looking at Anglo Saxons and Vikings, not only are there opportunites to model Viking ships but also to dress as vikings. This is a great way to explore characters and to think about what life was like in the past imagining things from historical evidence but having to use that to inform how you are acting and why. History in action.

y4 year-4

Year 5 are looking at ancient Rome and the Roman Empire with a variety of artefacts and also the chance to practice wall building and using Roman Numerals.


Year 6 are going back to Victorian times with clothes to dress up in and opportunities to research different aspects and then act out how things would have been. They have produuced some excellent work showcased on the school blog, this can be accessed through the menu at the side of the page or for searching for Year 6 blog.



So there you have it – a walkthrough of what is happening in the classrooms at the moment. Modern classrooms are quite fluid environments with resources changing to match the needs of the children as they are needed. Every class will offer opportunities during the year for you to come in and have the children share aspects of their work. Year 2 have already had an ‘Ugly Bug Ball’ and I know other invitation events are in the planning stages to welcome you in to the classroom/school.

Finally for this week a reminder that if you would like to pass a message on to the class teacher, other than by speaking to an adult on the door at the beginning or end of the day, you can email via the office@oxenhope.bradford.sch.uk address and mark it for the attention of the class teacher or year group. This email address is for all email communication with teachers and can be used for brief messages or confidential communication.

Mr Parkin

Acting Headteacher


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