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Acting Headteacher Blog – News

on November 25, 2016

Good afternoon. This week I have been thinking about news and how it travels, especially in terms of the capacity we all have for using news as a way of making sense of the world and making links with others. We have an enterprising group of Year 5 children who are in the early stages of creating a school newspaper – The Oxenhope Oracle no less – and I have been interviewed this week as part of their first publication.

I discovered we have some tenacious reporters in school and the questions started off with what I expected but soon became rather more thoughtful and intriguing as the interview went on! When the paper is ready for publication I hope the record of the conversation survives contact with the editor. The rest of the newspaper will be filled with ideas, stories, letters, comic strips and more.

The school has been in the local news recently in relation to raising money for charities with Explorers walking along the railway line and by a Year 6 child making and selling home made poppies. Last week we also had a report about a Viking visiting the Year 4 class as part of their history topic.

I am pleased to confirm that we will be having a school carol service up at church on the last morning of the term. This year we will be singing slightly shortened versions of some traditional carols that we have been learning on a Friday morning. We have a very talented piano player in Mrs Brown who will be playing the church organ and we will all sing along together without the need for a projector or backing music on a cd. I think it will be a lovely service although we may need more parental voices for the carols than usual.

We also have two groups of children booked to carol sing at Lindesfarne and Manorlands and they have been practising hard in order to learn the words to the carols. It really is a joy to listen to our children singing and I know the visits will be well received. When we start the day with a song it really puts a spring in everyones step and is often commented on by visitors to the school.

I know that children and adults alike have been enjoying practicing the carols together on a Friday morning, now we have finalised the versions we are going to be singing in church we will send the words home so they can practice at home as well. We will wait until December to send the words home at least so it doesn’t wear too thin too soon!

In other news we have had another cross country race, links to the results are on the school calendar on the website, and there is also another football competition coming up. Our school clubs are soon to include a gardening club which will run alongside the existing clubs and I am pleased that over the year we are able to offer such a diverse range of opportunities for our children. A list of the current clubs available is also on the website in the parents section.

We can’t possibly share everything we do in school all the time with everyone but if you have a particular interest or information that you’d like to know that isn’t on the website or mentioned here please get in touch and we’ll do our best to weave it in to the communication streams we have already or look at developing new ones.

Mr J Parkin

Acting Headteacher

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  1. Eleanor says:

    In year 4 on Monday 13.2.17 the class used different materials to test which material worked best to protect our ears with.I used wool,plastic,cardboard and cloth.My group descovered that wool was the best material to keep our ears protected.My group will make our head phones out of wool and cardboard.

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