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Year 5 – I Am Warrior

on December 6, 2016

Our current topic in Nairobi Class is “I am Warrior”. We have been learning all about the Roman empire. Here are just a few of the things we have learnt so far.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts. Year 5 class.

I am warrior

By James, Bilal, Thomas and Phoebe

Hi readers, in year 5 we have been looking at Roman warriors and tribes. Today we will be blogging about Roman shields and pottery. We spent a whole afternoon making pottery and there are a few photos here. We started off with some clay and then we built up in layers. It took a few goes before some of us found the correct method but then we did. Once we had got our layers right we smoothed it out and got our shape. They look fabulous!


The Roman shields

The Roman shields we made were fantastic shields, the shields were Roman type. They had lightning bolts on them and a lump in the middle, usually made of steel. They were not that colourful and had a slight curve. They did tortoise formation. It kept everyone from dangerous weapons that tried to kill them.



Julius Caesar was a Roman Emperor after he gave the senate low power in ruling. The senate were a group of people a little bit like the government. The senate didn’t like Caesar so much they ordered 20 assassins to assassinate him. Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times all over the upper body outside of the theatre of Pompeii in 44 BC.

Romulus and Remus

In class we’ve been learning about Romulus and Remus. We wrote a narrative piece on this roman myth. We took our time writing our recounts and they are very good we highlighted our punctuation and capital letters. Romulus and Remus were twins and were raised by a she-wolf. One day a shepherd  found them. Romulus killed Remus and found Rome.




We made roman pottery, shields and mosaics and had lots of fun.

abigail1 img_2295

Roman and Celts weapons

Spears, gladiator, shields, crossbows, daggers, axes

Roman and Celtic armour

Leather, Nothing (naked), Metal plates, Leather boots, Metal helmets, Steal armour, Leather boots

We did some roman maths in maths we did numbers up to 100,000 wow!

by Hanley, Tyler and Matthew




Our current topic is ”I am Warrior.“ We have been learning about what Romans wore. In this you will find out about what men wore ,women wore and finally what children wore. Some of the Roman outfits are hard to pronounce. We hope you enjoy reading our information.


Back then men wore a knee length tunic which is also called a chilton, they either wore them sleeveless or short sleeved. Roman men also wore a cloak over their tunic, which was like a wide shawl that was draped over the shoulder and wrapped around the body.


Women wore a longer toga which usually was ankle length. Over this women wore a stola which was a full length from neck to ankle, high wasted and fastened at the shouders with a clasp. Rich women  wore long tunics made from expensive silk or cotton. They also wore lots of jewellery and makeup, strong scents and elaborate hair styles. They had specially trained slaves to help them get dressed, arrange their hair and do their makeup.


Roman boys wore a tunic down to their knees and a cloak if it was cold. Rich boys wore a purple toga.

Girls wore a tunic with a woollen belt around their waists.

Children always wore a special charm around their neck called a bulla. It was given to them when they were just a few days of age.

Gabby, Polly and Mia




The Roman Empire spanned almost five centuries (27 BC to 476 AD) and left in its wake a wealth of historic battles, famous emperors and ancient coins issued before the time of God. These coins, most over 1,500 years old, are still around today, as millions of them were minted over the 100 years when Rome was considered the ultimate power in Europe.

Roman Coins

Most coins were made out of bronze, silver or gold. They are all various sizes comparable to the U.S quarter, nickel and dime. The first coin, made of bronze, is believed to have been struck around 269 B.C, before the formation of the Roman empire.


Gold Roman coins, called aurei, contained about 95 percent pure gold, and the silver coins, called denarius, were made with roughly 85 percent silver. Many collectors know that age does not often equate value. Gold and silver coins are usually worth what the precious metals market is currently bearing. Bronze Roman coins can be bought for just a few dollars. Uncleaned coins are plentiful online and from collectors.

Roman coins were minted in 40 or more different cities. Juno Monet was the name of the mint in Rome, from which our term for “money” came to being. Coins with the word “consecratio” struck on them mean the coin was issued to pay homage to deceased emperors and their family members.

Roman coins were not just a means of paying for Roman goods. The reverse of the coins were used to communicate great events. Alternatively, the reverse was used to promote the image and status of the emperor to his people.

By Noah, Zak, Thomas and Sam




This is what we have learnt about Celts in class.

The Celts normally went to battle with no armour and no clothing. Because of that they lost a lot of battles. Surprisingly, they won a lot of battles. To get more land they would normally go to people’s homes and property and say “Give us your property. Now!”

The homeowner would say “Who says you can do that?”

Celts would reply “My sword says that I can!” If they said no they would normally die or suffer. They would normally wear sandals or flip flops because they did not bother with normal footwear.

The Celts were definitely around from 750.b.c.-12 B.C. and that was called the iron age.  This is when they were in Briton.

The Celts letters what are very hard to write we think we have copied the Celt alphabet because they look so similar. The Celts were very good at making pottery, cutlery, vases, plates, bowls and cups. The Celts writing was very neat if they tried but they did not normally try so it looked very scruffy. The Celts were very brutal and also really scary plus they would normally scare people that much they would not even face them in a battle. That is why they won a lot of battles. Even though they have butchers, accountants every single job you can think of, they would have a person from there in their army. They still won sometimes and they will lose some. The Celts have not being trained or prepared for battle.

Most Celts were farmers and they lived in round houses instead of square houses. The “Iron age” was the best time for the Celts because that is when they first gained power and started to settle in places like Kent and Cornwall, the Celts were split into 3 main tribes Brythonic, Gaulic and Gaelic. In battle they used swords, spears and often didn’t wear armor and on occasions fought naked. In 70 B.C. the “Britons” came to England. In the settlements of the Celts were mostly populated by farmers. The Celts did not really have any professions that actually resembled warriors, if a war happened you had to fight even women sometimes fought!! The Celts greatest battle was when they faced the Romans, after they battled them the Celts nearly went extinct and with the remaining tribes Boudicca fought the Romans and was nearly victorious. The Gods were a part of everyday life (well that’s what they thought.) in Celt times, they had a God for everything. In the villages all the houses were round never ever square. A lot of languages that we speak they spoke.

By Zak, Joe, Harry and Toby





Roman soldiers paid blacksmiths to make their armour so the solders could battle. The blacksmith will fill shapes of armour with magma. “is a bit like larva” and let it set in water! Then the blacksmith will paint it red and yellow with a silver ball in the middle of the shield. The main patterns would be eagle wings and lightning bolts! The Roman weapons would be bows, swords and spires. There are hundreds of stories and myths like Julius Caesar, Romulus and Remus the two myths, Romeo and Juliet. All these stories are based in Rome even gods are involved almost every planet is a name of a roman god “except the sun, earth and moon. Through the past two weeks we’ve been making our own shields. Here are some pictures.

jst osg

By Oliver, James and Jacob





In class we have being making shields and we thought of this idea. Weapons are powerful and if you get hit by one you are likely to be dead…


Sword are one of the sharpest weapons also like an axe. It has a sharp end and very deadly.


Axes can be thrown like a spear but axes are smaller .


Spears are something that you can throw and they are pointy and sharp.


A cross bow can be shot from far away and it can kill you …





Roman and Celts feelings about war

In year 5 we learnt about the feelings of Romans and Celts at war. Here’s what we thought…

I looked at my opponents then to my side and I saw my family, my friends .

This is the Roman feelings…

I see the lions in front of me I am terrified I have butterfly in stomach I feel like I will never see Italy again I feel like going home. Now as I get closer I am starting to be braver so let’s go.


by Freya, Rose and Faye





In class we have been making shields. We have learnt about the Roman city and what they used for battles, where they lived and what they celebrated and also roman numerals. v/5,x/10,L/50,d/500. Most Romans lived in Italy, because Rome is in Italy.

Roman shields

In class we have been making roman shields and doing our own Roman designs and painting our shields. We learnt how Romans used their shield. They use something called the Tortoise fore mason where everyone is protected.


We have been making roman vases out of clay and let them set so they are hard just like real vases we have not panted them yet so they are still grey.

Roman Numerals

In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. And in our homework books we have been making Roman numeral calculator like XX+XL=LX = 20+40=60

abigail1 ella2 lily3

By Lily, Abigail and Ella.

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