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Traders and Raiders

on December 7, 2016

Our current topic is Traders and Raiders. We have been learning about Anglo Saxons (Traders) and Vikings (Raiders). Here is just some of the work we’ve done so far. We hope you like it!


We learnt about Viking Weapons. The Viking’s weapons were hand made by the men and the woman with help from the children. They used them to go fight at war and kill the animals to eat. They had spears, axes, shields and swords as sharp as tiger’s teeth!


The weapons were used for all sorts of things like killing opponents, prey and chopping trees. The Danish battle axe could kill a knight or their horses in one go! Weapons were not just used for battle but symbols of their user. Also, the spear could be throne 15 mitres +!

They used shields not only to protect them but to fight with too. When the Vikings chopped down trees with their axes, they didn’t use the fighting axe, they used an everyday axe.

We designed our own weapons and  painted them and they looked fantastic!


By Noah, Jake, Otis And Isaac



Viking Patterns

We looked at some Vikings patterns. We drew them out on a scrap piece of paper. Then we transferred them to black card. We glued  some string on to our  patterns. After that we let them dry.


We can’t wait until we put the ink on and use them for printing and see the finished pieces!

By Ella, Eleanor, Olivia And Archie.




Sigwolf Day

At the end of learning about the Anglo Saxons period a Viking called Sigwolf came into year 4. He showed us his weapons there  was swords,  axes ,spears and long axes especially. He taught us how to speak in old Norsk. He told us a story about Viking gods. The gods were Thor , Odin and Freyja. He chose some actors and the rest did the sound effects and at the end he did a battle drill with us. We had a stick and a wooden sword. He made us pretend being in a boat and when the enemy came we got into a shield wall. It was great fun!



In English we wrote a recount of the day.


By Charlie Eli, Brandon and Jacob.





We have been learning about Viking treasures in year 4.

Vikings kept the treasures in their longboats and in the kings palace.

Treasures were gold, rubies, diamonds  and other gems.

There were no banks so they buried their valuables.

If a Viking died or forgot the treasure it would be there for centuries.

In 2007, someone found the largest Viking treasure -60 or 70 coins.


Some Viking treasures were found in a farmers field in 2015 by a someone with a metal detector.

In march 1858, a boy went into a rabbits hole and found a Viking hoard.

This is a viking coin I made for homework…

img_2011 img_2013

by Ethan, Charlotte, Sami and Kayleigh


23 Responses to “Traders and Raiders”

  1. Miss Dawson says:

    We think your work is really good and we can’t wait for when we learn about Traders and Raiders!

    Year 2 class

  2. james says:

    James y5

    Nice! Good job year 4.

  3. Eleanor says:

    I like Sami Charlotte Eathan and Kayleigh’s topic.

  4. Noah says:

    Great job

  5. Noah says:

    I like Noah and harrys and jakes poem.

  6. OTIS says:


  7. Noah says:

    I like Ethans poem.

  8. ethan says:

    well done Noah,harry,Jake and isaac i liked your photo.

  9. Harry says:

    Nice work Ethan! My best part is when the giant baby chased them

  10. charlie says:

    I agree with ELI!!!!!!!

  11. Lillie says:

    Awsome brill

  12. Jake and jack says:

    Excellent work year 4

  13. Noah says:

    My favorite one is Charlie Eli, Brandon and Jacob because it has a lot of detail.

  14. Poppy says:

    it,s a amazing.

  15. Noah says:

    I like the details on charlies work i think you did a great job!

  16. Max says:

    It sounds fun

  17. Olivia says:

    Its brilliant i love it great job!!!!!!!!

  18. Noah says:

    I like Charlies Eli’s and Jacobs because it has a lot of information and Detail. I learnt about sigwolf teaching us old Norse

  19. Jake says:

    i like Ethan’s because he put some thought into it.

  20. Niamh Grace says:

    We thought your drawings were good and hope you have a great time in year four.

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