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Gods and Mortals – Year 3

on December 9, 2016

This term we have been learning about  Gods and Mortals.  Here are some of the things we have learnt.

We have been learning about Greek gods so we planned and wrote a story called Zeus gets mad (this took us two weeks to do). we made up our own  story. It was so fun and every one enjoyed it.

by Sophie, Archie, Connie and Myla



We have been researching facts about gods and mortals we know a lot of facts about gods and mortals so we would like to share some with you.

1 some of the gods names are Hera, Poseidon, Apollo, Zeus

2 there are lots of stories about the gods

3 the gods have different jobs to do. Zeus is the king of the thunder and lightening and he is the king of all gods. Poseidon is the king of the ocean, he made sure non of the creatures was injured in the ocean

4 Zeus has a pet horse called Pegasus and he collects thunder bolts for him

by Matthew, Jacob, Alex and Devon



We learnt that the Greeks made heads of gods called busts. They made them by chipping stone it would have taken a really long time.  We made busts out of clay.  We used plastic cutting tools and our hands to shape the clay.

Here are some of our busts.


by Daniel, Lily, Maciek and Jayden



I am learning about Gods of Greece in year 3 we made Greek heads out of clay. We used tools and our hands. It took 2 days for the clay to dry.

by Mason



We have been learning about Gods   and mortals in year 3.

Gods are Greek  myths in Greece.

We went on the computers and did some research about our favret Gods.

We wrote the information  in our  books. We found out the the Gods were powerful. One of them called Zeus could throw lightening bolts. There’s another one called Artemis and she could shoot arrows. Zeus is the king of all the gods and is Apollos dad.

by Lillie, Sophia and Clara



We have been learning about Gods and Mortals. We learnt that the Greeks made busts of their gods. They made them out of stone.  We made  Heads of Gods out of clay.

We cut a piece of clay out of the packet.

Then we shaped it. After that we got a tool and made the eyes and the hair.

Here are some of our clay busts.


by Elora, Isabelle, Evie and Sian



We have been learning about gods and mortals. We have also made some posters of greek gods such as Hera ,Posiden and Zeus on the netbooks using publisher. We used lots of different photos  of the greek gods, some cartoona and real pictures from the internet.

here are some of our posters.

imgp4088 imgp4087

by Ella, Amy and Poppy



We have been learning about making fiction stories and this story is called Zeus gets mad! We made up our stories but it had to be called Zeus gets mad !

First we planed our story, next  we drafted it, then edited it, after that we wrote our story on a smart piece of paper. Before we wrote it for real we read our draft to gather some more ideas. When we finished our story we checked our work so it was our best.


By Eddie, George, Ethan and Oliver


3 Responses to “Gods and Mortals – Year 3”

  1. Ethan says:

    i enjoyed learning aboat gods and mortals.

  2. brandon says:

    it looks fun

  3. Myla says:

    It was really fun doing Greek gods I liked everything we did aspeshally the story Zues gets mad I carnt to wait to do are next bloging about cruella de vil because I loved doing the other Blogging.


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