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Our Roman Feast!

on December 15, 2016

To conclude our topic of “I am warrior” we dressed in Roman and Celtic costumes and held a Roman Feast.

We hope you enjoy reading about it. Year 5 class.

We made pizza out of bread,cheese,ham,tamato   and put it in the oven and Walla!! PIZZA it was.

Honey cake

We made this out of pastry  cheese honey  then we put it in the fridge and cheese cakes Honey cakes. They were  nice.





Roman feast

In class we have been learning about romans are teacher decided to prepare a roman feast for us all. If we would like to dress up we were allowed and most people did.

What we did

first we maid roman crowns with golden and green leaves with card board paper for the base. Then we made yummy pizza for us to eat and for desert we made honey cakes some people liked them some people didn’t.

Games we played

We played lots of different games like “Centurian  Said” and we went into the hall and we did a tortoise formation. A Tortoise formation is what Roman soliders used in roman times, they did it to hide.


We had a wonderful time hope you enjoyed reading about it.




On Tuesday we had a Roman feast. In the morning we made honey cakes and mini pizzas. After lunch we had our Roman feast. Rose

In my apinion the honey cakes taste horrible with the honey and chees in.   Freya



Roman feast

On Tuesday we had a Roman feast.

Dressing up

On Tuesday we also dressed up in Roman clothes or Celt outfits this involved wearing togas a cloth they would wrap around their bodies. Most of the boys brought in swords and the girls wore sandals.

Making the food

Making pizza: we got a base then we put some tomato sauce, chees and ham if we wanted. Then Mr Thurlby (our teacher) took them all upstairs to cook.


Phoebe, Faye, Mia and Harley



We had a Roman feast, it were very nice we will tell you more.

In the Roman feast we made PIZZA!!! The pizza was very nice and on some they just had tomato sauce and cheese for there toping. Some people had ham, cheese and tomato sauce ( you could have what you wanted on the top ). The base we had was called pita bread. For pudding we had honey cake. At first we rolled out the pastry, after that we got some circler cutters and cut the pastry. Next we made the mixture. The mixture was made of cheese and honey. Then we added the mixture together and put them in the pastry bun cases.

These are our honey cakes.



Toby and Noah



On Tuesday we had a roman feast. We made pizzas and honey cakes we put ham and cheese in tomato pizzas. We also went into the hall and then went into teams to try the tortoise formation. The tortoise formation is a roman defence they used in Battle.  We played a game called centurion says.

Joe, Zak D, Thomas and Sam



On Tuesday of the last week of school we had a roman feast. After break we started to make pizza and honey cakes. Some of us dressed up as roman people. We also used our shields in a tortoise formation we had a great day except when the fire alarm went off but it was fun. by Oliver and Hanley


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