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Frozen Kingdom – Year 6

on January 30, 2017


Our topic this term is Frozen Kingdom.  Read what we’ve been doing so far here…

In the Frozen Kingdom we have been doing great things about going on a snow expedition. We have been writing about getting a customer to buy our snow gear to travel across the Arctic / Antarctica. Personally I did clothing such as a hat, a balaclava, some socks and mittens.

Anyway in science we did an experiment on a block of ice which we left in a tray full of water. Then we added salt and it made it dissolve quicker. That’s what we found out salt makes ice dissolve quicker. Also the bottom part of the ice made really smooth and (cool to feel).

Recently we did a letter pretending to be a man named Captain Robert Falcon Scott. So we wrote to his wife (Kathleen) saying what we’ve done and what we’d been through. The whole point of this was because we were trying to express how Scott was feeling. He was trying to be the first to the South Pole, but Amundsen beat him there.

By Dec YR6



Hello, this week, in year six, we have been doing some writing. We have been thinking up our own products that someone would need to go on an Arctic expedition. Then we have been writing our own written advertisement on the product we created. Throughout this week we will be doing practise S.A.T.S. The reading test we did today was not that hard for some of us. A couple of days ago we did a science experiment on icebergs and how fast they melt. We found out that it depends on what type of water it is on how fast it melts, salt water melts it quicker than tap water. We will keep you informed on what goes on in year six.




Hello this week we’ve been doing some writing we did an Advert. We designed some products to go on an Artic/Antarctic expedition. Then we had a snow day when we built an igloo we had 4 teams 7 girls and 1 boy, 4 boys and 8 boys and 2 girls. The snow day was very good we had a laugh.



I did a 3d battle of Antarctica for my homework…

I loved it. This topic has been very good.

By Lewis YR6





In year 6 we are learning about the frozen kingdom. On the first week we brought our holiday homework in. I designed some snow boots they had a hot water bottle on the front that could spray the scorching water on the snow. Then we did a science experiment we got a big chunk of ice and put it in a tray of water, to see what it did. The bottom of the ice cube became smooth. After that we put the ice berg in to a bucket so we could see how it looked in deep water. We noticed it moved a bit in the bucket because when it melt it increased the water level creating waves.

For English in the second week, we did an advert for a piece of equipment we designed. I designed a tent, it was called the King of Warmth. The tent had a built in heater, a charging port, sleeping bag, compass and a marvellous radio design.




Recently, we have been writing ads for products that Polar explorers will need when going on an expedition. We have been advertising things like: tents, pulks, toilet roll, mountain poles, computers, creams, gloves etc. We drew pictures to go with our ads and put our ads on the computer with colour and big bold lettering. We also created pictures of the northern lights using pastels and silhouettes.  Another thing we did was we wrote letters as Captain Falcon Scott (the second person to reach the South Pole) telling our wife/family/friends about our situation.

by Grace, Millie, Annie and Lily B


In Frozen Kingdom – so far – we have done a persuasive advert for English where the main concept was getting the customer to buy your product. We designed our own product (what we thought would be appropriate for a polar expedition) and we described it in full detail.

In science we did an experiment of ice in water because icebergs are in the Arctic and Antarctica. The bit underneath the water is the bit that melts more. Do you know why? The reason is because the particles under the water are more compact than the air.

When it snowed, we had a competition to see who could make the best igloo. There were 3 different groups and 3 different prizes. Each group won a prize. The first one was for teamwork and for the second prize it for engineering without machines.

By Oliver and Lucy



For our topic we decorated the classroom with snowflakes, icicles, lights and arctic animal teddies.

In our English we designed a product that someone might take on an Arctic expedition; the product had to be unique and convenient, then we had to name it. We came up with all sorts of ideas such as: The Slent (a sledge that turns into a tent), A E S B P (a backpack that turned into a tent with a stove and mountain poles) and Tidgy Tees toilet roll. We wrote and drew adverts for our product and then we coloured them in.

We had learnt a bit about Captain Robert Falcon Scott (An Arctic Expeditioner.) We then read a bit of his diary and imagined what it would be like in the Arctic and we wrote a letter from Captain Scott to either his wife (Kathleen) or his son (Peter). We used a role on the wall for feelings and thoughts to help start us off. Then we wrote a draft in our draft/planning books. They are all awesome.

By Lily E and Chloe




In the holidays we did some fun homework. It was an interesting journey through time and space and  included: scenes, homemade penguins, ice jewels, jelly cubes, boots, research and models of animals.




We had to make things to do with our topic, the frozen kingdom. It was an interesting journey through time and space. We got to see pictures and videos of ice burgs, nature and google maps. We also did an experiment of an ice burg and learnt that approximately there is 15% above the water and 85% below. We learnt about Sir Robert Falcon Scott and his teams trip to be the first people to explore the South pole. We read an extract from his diary on his journey. After that we each made a role on the wall showing his feelings(inside) and thoughts(outside). Then we wrote letters to his family and friends as him.


We also wrote an advert for a product to take on an expedition to the North or South Poles. Some of us did boots, tents or stoves. We all had special features in our product like spikes on boots or heating in tents or in boots. This was one of our most creative pieces of writing yet.  We all had great fun!

by Maddie, Charlotte, Rebecca, Susan and Coleen





In year 6 we have been doing the topic frozen kingdom, we have been learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott. We learnt that he was trying to be the first person to explore the Antarctic but he was beaten to it… In cornerstones we have been planning a rescue mission to the Artic; you had to plan what you were going to take with you and how you were going to get there. In English we made up our own products that would be useful for polar expeditions, mine was the AESBP a backpack that could turn into a stove, tent, mountain poles and toilet paper.

By Amber

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