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Year 5 Pharaohs – Tutankhamun

on March 10, 2017

This week we have been writing diary entries about the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb from the point of view of Howard Carter, one of his team or a reporter.

Today we have been writing our own diary entry about going into Tutankhamun’s tomb and how you would feel and what would happen to you if you went in the tomb. A lot of people are writing as if they were Howard Carter or Howard Carter’s son or his daughter and his camp friends. We did our first draft and mine and Polly’s were amazing. Soon we will be finished and we can put it on some nice paper.

By Polly and Lucy xxxxxxx

Thanks for reading



In year 5 we’ve been writing diary entries of Howard Carters discovery team (who discovered King Tuts tomb). We can write it from different points of view.

Here is a sentence from each of our groups dairy. We worked very hard on them.

Ella’s 1st sentence:

Dear diary on Monday we found another tomb but unfortunately it was empty [we were all filled with sadness.]

Lily’s 1st sentence:

I have just got to the valley of the Kings when my Dad Howard Carter found a big piece of gold in the ground could this be another tomb I excitedly said.

Phoebe’s 1st sentence:

Dear Diary, today I woke up and had breakfast. This is our 2nd week in Egypt and we haven’t been into a tomb with any gold or riches yet. I hope we find one soon.


These are all of our first sentences. I hope you enjoyed!!!

By Lily, Ella and Phoebe



This week we have been writing diaries/stories about opening Tutankhamun’s tomb. Our diaries/stories are about 3 pages long. We looked at a war diary to get the rhythm. As well we researched all about Howard Carter’s discovery what the whole time was like. You could do this in a different perspective depending on who you want to be. The options were either Howard Carter, a reporter or Howard Carter’s daughter. We still have to write it up onto nice paper and edit it.

By Zak, Noah and Jacob.



Down in year 5 we have been planning and writing a rough 1st draft on a diary entry on finding king Tutankhamun’s tomb. We had choices on who to write as either Howard Carter, one of his crew, his siblings or Lord Carnavan. We have to write over the course of two days, November the 3rd , 4th and 5th 1922. The discovery was made by Howard Carter, Lord Carnavan and his archaeologists on the 4th of November 1922.

Mine was about a man named Howard Carter the archaeologist he is famous for finding a pharaoh named Tutankhamen, he died at the age of 19 and ruled since he was 9.king Tutankhamen s tomb has a curse on his tomb saying “ Death will come on swift wings to those who disturb the peace of the king”.  In the Tomb there was gold and jewels  and golden  chariots.

By James, Thomas, Harley and James S-T


Lately in year 5 we have been writing up our first edit for our diary based on the finding Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Before we did our draft we looked at how we would feel if we were entering the tomb ourselves. We also did a lot of research on how Howard Carter and his crew found it.

At the end of our diary’s everybody gets home safely apart from some.  All the characters are different in their       own little way.

Gabby and Faye

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    Well done year 5

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    Well done year five

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    Awsome year5.

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    well done lily Ella and phoebe I enjoyed reading about your writing

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    wow great job year 5 we work exellent

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    well done Year 5! Great work!

  7. James.c (of year 5) says:

    nice job Year 5! Great work!

  8. Lily says:

    Well done guys.

  9. Zak says:

    Now I know about Tutankhamun

  10. Lily says:

    Well done year five.

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    How scary is Tutankhamun

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    Great work on king tut year 5 i enjoyed reading it.

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    Thanks guys we really appreciate it.

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