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Year 3 – Preparations for our Easter Show

on March 17, 2017

This week in Year 3 we are busy rehearsing for our Easter performance.

At Oxenhope primary school we are doing an Easter show.

We are dressing up we have a white black and a colouer   t-shirt.

We all have different ports and speech and different things to do.

By Ella, Evie, Archie and Alex



This Easter year three and four are doing an Easter performance for the school and family.  Some of us are speaking and some of us are in the choir but we are still just at the start of practicing. We go into year 4 to practice rehearsals, a few of us are practising our solo singing.  We haven’t all learned are parts of the rehearsal yet. We all are going to be doing it at the end of half term.

If you are going to see it we are happy to see you there. We need more time to practice so don’t ask us if we are ready or not because we are not yet! But we will be!

by Myla, Lillie, Maciek, Devon



We are doing a play about the Easter story with year 4.  We are practising the songs  for the shows. We  went to the nature area to make a Easter  garden.

Poppy, George and Jacob


The Easter show happens ones a year by year 3 and 4.   We learn songs and wear costumes.  One song is called show me the money it is the best and we need some different t-shirt one is black one is white and another is coloured. My favourite one is Mary Jesus`s friend I am in the song group.
we need to practise a lot.

By Sophie, Isabelle and Clara


We made Easter gardens in the nature area. We are learning about the Easter story!

The Easter story is a Christian story about   Jesus being crucified!

By Amy


Easter Story

We are going to do an Easter play. We have some clothes for our play. Everyone has a part in the play.

In the Easter play we are going to replay the Easter story by doing a play. We have some characters in the play like Mary and Jesus.

We have different coloured clothes!  We have black, white and a coloured t-shirts for our play!

We all can’t wait for the play because we are going to sing and play are parts and we know we are going to enjoy it.

By Ethan, Sian, Eddie and Connie



In the easter show some of us have words to say. Some of us have solo’s to sing and some of us have nothing to say.

In 3 weeks we will be going to church for are easter service and we will be doing a lot of singing!!! A lot of parents will be coming to here us sing some easter songs.

By Matthew, Daniel and Sophia



We are doing an Easter show and it’s about Jesus and Judas everybody is going to watch it and it will be nice and cool it is the best video ever in the world you ever .

There are a lot of narrators and I am one of them as well as some of my friends.

We have about three weeks to practise. There are about 60 sixty people playing different parts in the show.  Mostly everyone wanted to be what they wanted to be.

By Josh, Oliver, Jayden and Elora

24 Responses to “Year 3 – Preparations for our Easter Show”

  1. Elora's mum says:

    We are really looking forward to seeing your Easter show!!☺

  2. Grace says:

    The play sounds really exciting! I can’t wait to watch you all preform at the end of the half term!

  3. Lily says:

    Sounds like you are busy looking forward to seeing your performance.

  4. Chloe and Coleen says:

    Cart wait for your performance it looks like it will be great!

  5. Chloe says:

    What are your other songs.

  6. Archie says:

    You have done so well year three I’m really impressed with your rehearsal. Great job, especially the people singing a solo!

  7. Alex's dad says:

    Bet it will be brilliant!! Well done everyone.

  8. ella says:

    Good luck year three and year four I hope it turns out fabulous.

  9. James.c (of year 5) says:

    Eleanor seemed exited! 😀

  10. Zak says:

    I hope it will be good

  11. Joe says:

    It sounds really good can’t wait to see you all

  12. zak says:

    Can’t wait to watch it. I’ve heard a little bit of some songs and they sound spectacular.

  13. Toby (yr5) says:

    I can not wait to see you do the Easter show. I love the way you are singing the songs

  14. ella says:

    im so exited to watch it I remember when I did an easter show in year three and year four.!

  15. Rose f says:

    Wow I can not wait for the end of term to see it

  16. Anonymous says:

    I hope it will be great year3

  17. james y5 says:

    sounds great!

  18. Oliver says:

    Can’t wait to see it.

  19. jake says:


  20. Matthew says:

    Bet it’s going to be. Good

  21. Freya says:

    Your show was Cool . Did you have fun?

  22. Oliver says:

    I loved it you all did well and tell Matthew the he made a great warrior

  23. ella says:

    wow it was so good I loved all your singing it was so GOOD I can’t even explain how amazing it was!

  24. Faye says:

    I loved hearing all about the show and it was great.

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