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Year 6 World Book Day Performance

on March 20, 2017


This year each class contributed to a story for World Book Day.  Year 6 children transformed the story into a playscript then performed the play at the end of the school day to the whole school.


World book day
On world book day 2017 year 6 put on the best performance Broadway has ever seen. Staring:
Bobo the clown
Jojo the clown
Mr B Whippy.
It was about a clown that lived in a cave who got a letter one day. The letter was from Mr B Whippy saying that he was the son of a king who’d just died so he went on an adventure to become king and fell in love on the way.

We started of by giving out parts, ice-cream people, Jojo, Bobo, computer people, prop people, narrators, post man, Mr B Whippy. Then we went to get everything we needed ready including all the props and costumes. We set up the stage and got the place for the rehearsals. We performed it in front of the school and everyone started laughing. At the end of the play Bobo and Jojo got married and everybody was very happy and all the people from ice cream land were cheering and dancing.
The End!

by Chloe, Susan and Coleen


Dear reader,
world book day 2017 , the whole school wrote a story ,year 1 intro, year 2 build up ,year 3 problem ,year 4 solve problem and year 5 conclusion. But year 6 haven’t done anything,we had to preform it. It was a great day we had a lot of fun with preforming it in front of the whole school which was fun. The story was about a lonely clown called Bobo who was a son of the former king of ice cream world and he gets a letter from Mr B Whippy. The letter says: our King has died so you are the king of ice cream land. So he goes on a journey to ice cream land and his car breaks down then Mr B Whippy comes and fixes his car then he goes along and sees the most beautiful girl clown in the world and she looks very sad. He goes and gives her a red ice-cream and says “I love you!” Then she says I love you too! Then they go to ice-cream world and live happily ever after. Bobo becomes king and he knights Mr B Whippy.

Miss Round as the director
Finley as Bobo
Chloe as Jojo
Charlie as Mr B Whippy
Lewis, Dec, Millie, Lily. B, Reuben, Charlotte, Annie, Joash, Maddie and Amber s Ice-cream people
Lily.E as the postman
Josh, Lucy and Thomas as the narrators.
Backstage/Sound effects team
Susan, William, Harry, Rebecca, Alfie, Coleen, Oliver, Foster, Grace and Mrs Snowden.

Thanks for reading by Lewis, Dec and Alfie!!


On world book day we all dressed up as our favourite book characters. We also received a story and we had to make it into a play. The story was about a sad clown going to an ice cream land with ice cream people and there deputy leader mr b whippy.

Because there king had died they needed a new ruler so the sad clown became the king of ice cream land. Then he fell in love and got married! The cast is:
Mr b whippy: Charlie
Bobo: Finley
Narrators: Lucy,tom and Joshua
Post man: lily e
Lady clown: Chloe
And every one else was an ice cream man except the backstage peeps.
Tom and William!


Well, first in year one wrote a introduction for a story,after that year 2 continued the story then yr3 then yr4 then yr5.
Later on when it got to year 5 it was nearly ready for year 6 to turn it into a play which we performed for all of the school after only 1 hour of practice.
The cast where: Bobo (finely), Jojo (Chloe), Mr/sir B Whippy (Charlie), ice cream people (Reuben, Lewis, Declan, charlotte, lily E, lily b,Maddie , amber, Mille and Annie), I.C.T/sound (Harry, grace and Rebecca) back stage crew (Susan, Alfie, William, Coleen, foster, Oliver) Director (Miss Round) co-director (Mrs Snowden). Thank you for reading. (:

By Harry, Reuben, Oliver and Charlie


On world book day we wrote a whole school book,
Year one wrote the intro,
Year two did the build up,
Year three did the problem,
Year four did the resolution,
Year five did the ending,
Year six made it in to a play script.
The play was very funny and well put together.The main characters were:BoBo played by Finley and JoJo played by Chloe.
The sound effects include a ice-cream van music,metal sound,a screaming baby,beeping sound,love music,knocking sound,sad music,car skidding,happy-pharrel Williams-And Black magic-Little mix.The sound effects people were:Rebecca,Grace and Harry.
By:Maddie,Rebeca,Amber and Grace.
Thank you for


World book day!
On world book day 2017 years reception, 1, 2,3 ,4 and 5 wrote a story that followed on from the class before them. When the story was finished we (year six) turned the story into a play script and chose roles for all of year six to act out.

This is the character list:
Bobo: Finley
Jojo: Chloe
Postman: Lily Ellis
Prop people: Susan, Coleen, Alfie, Foster
Computer people: Harry, Grace, Rebecca
Mr B. Whippy: Charlie
Narrators: Lucy, Josh, Thomas
Ice cream land people: Lily, Maddie, Amber, William, Charlotte, Dec, Annie, Millie, Reuben

Once we had chose parts we wrote the script and made props/costumes. After that we practiced our lines but we had to write the script, make props/costumes practice and preform the play in less than four hours! Next the whole school went into the hall and year six acted out the play. We had lots of fun preforming and the rest of the school loved watching what they had wrote.
By Lily and Coleen



34 Responses to “Year 6 World Book Day Performance”

  1. Lucy says:

    Bobo the clown was played by Finley and JoJo the clown was played by Chloe
    Sound affects such as ice-cream,love music,screaming baby,etc…
    The sound affects were sorted by:harry,grace and Rebecca.
    The whole school wrote the story and y6 preformed it in front of everyone in the school hall. It was spectacular !

  2. Rebecca says:

    it was really good and the sound effect of the ice cream van was funny

  3. Rebecca says:

    It was so funny and we all really enjoyed doing it

  4. Dec says:

    Well done guys we all did a great performance a specially bobo and jojo ❤️Lol

  5. Foster says:

    It was good most of us played in it but some Peaple did props

  6. Anber says:

    I enjoyed the part at the end where bo bo and jo jo had the wedding and all the ice cream people came out from backstage!!!

  7. Joash says:


  8. Aaron says:


  9. Gabby says:

    I really enjoyed reading and watching the story.

  10. Gabby says:

    I really enjoyed watching and reading the story.

  11. phoebe says:

    good job year 6, it really was a good play. i really enjoyed the part where Bobo and the mailman sang their song together. it was really funny because they were completely out of tune when they sang it.

  12. TOBY says:


  13. Joe says:

    It was amazing well done everyone it was a real laugh

  14. Oliver says:

    Well done year six you really did your best and also Mrs round made a great director.

  15. bilal says:

    Well year 6. I loved your world book day performance. I especially liked the wedding at the end. Well done and keep up the good work.

  16. Lucy from year 5 says:

    Great job year 6 you have done really good on your performance at acting it out weldone.

  17. mia h says:

    I really liked watching it you must have put lots of efort

  18. Abi says:

    Good job year 6 I really liked the bit where Bobo and Jojo got married good job Finley and Chloe it was very romantic

  19. mia h says:

    I really liked it you must have put in lots of hard work.

  20. Rose f says:

    It was really good i liked when Bobo and the post man did the song and dance.

  21. Zak harry and joe says:

    Wow it was the best thing ever

  22. zak says:

    I thought the show was very good and since you only had a little bit of time it was exciting to see what would come out. WELL DONE!!!!!!

  23. sam says:

    good job

  24. sam says:

    Good job.

  25. Rose f says:

    Well done I loved it so much and I liked when you had that party and bo bo met jo jo.

  26. Freya says:

    I like it when BoBo give JoJo a rose shape ice cream .welldone

  27. Freya says:

    Gabby I really like your picture .

  28. Lily says:

    Well done guys great performance you looked to be having fun

  29. matthew says:

    good picture

  30. Matthew says:

    That was a hilarious performance

  31. Faye says:

    Great drawings

  32. jacob says:

    great drawings

  33. NOAH says:

    great drawings.

  34. Ella says:

    The show was very fun and crazy.

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