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Year 4 – Electrical Safety

on March 22, 2017

This week we have been learning about electricity sources and how to keep safe.


These past few weeks we have been doing a lot about safety. You don’t want to touch electric things that look dangerous .if it has danger on it don’t go near it because you can die. These are some e.g of electric things: toaster ,light , Ipad , coffee machine , t-v and a tablet. Everybody made a leaflet about safety.

By lilli grace Aaron Isaac

We have been doing safety posters about being safe around electricity. The sources are heat, light, movement and sound. The higher you are, the deadlier it is. Pylons give out electricity, you should never go near one because the electric can pass through your body, and kill  you.

By George, Charlotte & Otis


Safety leaflets.

This week, we have been doing some safety leaflets about keeping safe near electricity, we learnt that pylons can kill you even if you are not making contact with them. They are incredibly powerful because they carry so much electricity. The electricity sometimes bounces so it’s best just to stay away from them. If a toy for example a ball, rolls near a pylon then leave it because it’s not worth dying.

By Eleanor, Ella, Charlie and Jack.



This week in class we did safety posters about electricity and as well as that we learnt about electricity and volts. There are 4 types of  things that we use every day  which are movement, sound, light and heat. If the volts are more than 200 there is a 50 – 50 chance of death. There is two sources of electricity battery and mains, they both give electricity. Birds don’t get electrocuted because they don’t touch the ground while touching the wire.


By Jake, Olivia, Samuel and Ethan


At school, we were learning about how to be safe around electricity. One thing that you should not do is go after your ball if it goes close to an electricity pylon, even if it’s only small because if the electricity jumps and your close, it could hit you and give you an electrical shock! We did leaflets about the sources of electricity which are battery and mains. We also learned that water and electric don’t mix!

By Noah, Phoebe, Jacob and Eli


As well as electrical safety, in class we made safety posters about keeping safe online.  A policeman came and he told us about bullying on the internet, he showed us a clip about a girl called Lucy and she was on a phone and she was test we did a quiz about cyber bullying. If you get a message saying something mean please tell an adult because if you keep it to your self because it could get worse but if you let an adult it will get sorted

by Lola Sami Naimh Brandon

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  1. otis says:

    well done Noah your work and group’s is really good

  2. Joe says:

    Wow this is amazing I really enjoyed reading them.

  3. Joe says:

    Wow this is amazing I really enjoyed reading them

  4. ella says:

    I hope you have learnt quiet a lot about how to be safe around electrics

  5. Gabby says:

    Hi year 4 great work you lot, i really like your leaflets. I think they are good enough to sell

  6. james y5 says:

    I liked doing this in year 4!!!

  7. sami says:

    well done evryone……. including me LOL

  8. Matthew says:

    Be careful with electricity it’s dangerous

  9. Jacob year 5 says:

    It was so good

  10. Rose says:

    Super work yr 4 it looks amazing.

  11. Mai says:

    Thank you for the excellent article

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