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Year 5 Egyptian God Character Descriptions

on March 23, 2017

This week we have been creating our own Egyptian Gods and writing character descriptions in our creative writing.

Lately in year 5 we have been doing a character description on our made up Egyptian gods/goddesses.  For instance, Gabby is the goddess of welcoming new people into the world, and Faye is goddess of imagination, beauty and evilness.

How to make your own character description:

First you need to come up with a name.  Secondly draw your character so you know what he or she looks like. Then decide what their hobbies/talents will be. After that you can start planning.

Finally you are ready to start.

By Gabby and Faye



In year 5 we have are creating a new Egyptian gods and goddesses. We made their personality and what they look like and what they are the god of.  My goddesses is the god of fairies she lives in a tree with the fairies.

by Rose


In year 5 we have been writing a character description on our own made up Egyptian god.

Me, Thomas and Tyler have all related our gods as brothers which are called, Citris, (Mine) Caromana (Thomas’s) and Reaper (Tyler’s). In a good character description you need to describe personality and appearance. You need to describe what they’re the god of and releatives.

By James C, Thomas and Tyler


In year five we’ve been making our own Egyptian gods and doing a character description on them. We had to make up our character and then write about their personalities etc. We had to make realistic names like Dwi, Zinof and Secq. We also looked at other character descriptions in books like Harry Potter and To Kill a Mockingbird. Our descriptions needed to have really good vocabulary so it would be as good as it could be.

BY Thomas, Noah and Zak


In year 5 we have been writing character description about our own Egyptian god

Mine was called Tryonic the god of time travel and electricity and power he is 1,ooo,ooo,ooo years old, which is very old and his brother is called Parasite he is evil and selfish he also has a cousin called Tancoon  he is the great  great  grandfather of Medusa and Canjulahe.

By Hanley



This week we have being doing character descriptions .The character descriptions are about made up Egyptian gods . We need to write about their personality, appearance, what they look like, where there live and how old they are.

In Year 5 English we have been describing our own Egyptian gods in the style of a successful author. First of all we had a look at some famous character descriptions E.G. Jo from the work of Charles Dickens, Harry Potter from J.k Rowling and Mrs Pratchett   from the genius of Roald Dahl. We had to make them as interesting as possible and as realistic as can be. Here’s an example, Harrys, Zac’s and Thomas’s all are brothers and most gods have weapons and pets, well Zac’s has a pet bat and Harry’s has a bow.

We also drew pictures of our characters and a few of them were very funny. One part of Harrys description was Gabul is a courageous warrior half man and half sheep, he is the elite captain of a group made to protect Egypt. He wears a vibrant navy patterned toga wrapped around his board shoulders. He is the valiant, honorable god of space, with the incredible ability to throw planets and  a horn he is hiding deservant  with his place in the squad.

Here’s Joes, Platter Corn has always been cheeky for his age [2 million.]

Appearance:  Four steel legs  Bunny’s tail     Ducks body     Platter- pus head     Sharp teeth from a shark     A Unicorn horn and a star on the horn.

Personality:     He is a gleeful creature and loves water food and his family.

Powers:   He can jump high, shape-shift, become invisible, heal things, grow and shrink.

By Toby, Joe, Zak T and Harry


In year 5 we have been doing our own Egyptian gods!


Parasite has a bear head as brown a moose, he has a fake arm, hand and leg and is 1,000,000 years old. His walk is rusty, like a robot had been left in the rain for a decade! He was made in 356 BC, and was creator of Tancoon. Parasite has one eye that acts like a flashlight and glows in the dark.



We also have to others called Tycoona and Pickeria that are also good.


By Mia, Oliver and Freya







In year five we have been creating our own gods or goddesses. Here are some of our names and what their god or goddess off.

Ella’s goddess: Elket   Goddess of: war.

Lily’s goddess: Lsiris   Goddess of: kindness

Abigail’s goddess: Calcinda   Goddess of: Beauty

Sam’s god: Qua    God of: Animals

I hope you liked the names of our Goddess and gods. We worked really on them. Now we are going to tell you a bit about are gods and goddess.

Ella’s goddess Elket is very kind, her siblings are Lsiris, Qua and Dwi. Her mum is Ket and her dad is called Osiris.

Lily’s goddess Lsiris is nice and always good to other people. Her siblings are Elket how is her twin sister Qua and Dwi are her brothers.

Ket is her mum and Osiris is her dad.


Abigail’s goddess is Calcinda is nice to everyone she meets and loves everything from nature to the sky. Her cousins are Elket, Lsiris and Qua.

Sam’s god Qua, he Loves animals and is very kind to them. His sibling’s are Lsiris,  Elket and Dwi mum ket dad Osiris

I hope you enjoyed

Lily, Ella, Abigail and Sam




Today year 5 Have been learning how to do a new character description god. First we drew our own god so that we could think about their personality and what they look like. Then we thought of what kind of god they are and their appearance. After that we was thinking of what they could be the god of. Mine was the god of the universe, Maxes god is of the sea Lucy’s is the god of the sea too. James’s is the god of evil.






This week we have been writing character descriptions for new Egyptian gods we created. Some people related their gods to other gods. here is me and Polly’s character descriptions.


Polly anna’s description

Hona is very calm and a friend to all plants, people and animals. She lives on a castle on a cloud with her husband mesh the god of plants.
Hona wears a light blue and light pink with brown uggs . In her castle there is a big cushion for her meditating and a small one for her lizard and one for her pet unicorn. They sit by they sit by the fire and think about life’s biggest question why are clouds not made of candy floss.


Phoebes plan:

Name: medusa

Gender: female

Age mentally: 50 000

Age physically: 18

Grandad: Tryonic god of time travel and electric

Sister: god sky Hona

Husband: sea god Hercumese

Mother: goddess of gods Mumifilia

father: god of gods Ronulese

Brother: god of the sea Hercumese

Daughter: Kanjulahies goddess of babies

Brother in-law: Mesh

Medusa: Sakes and stone god

Skills: she can turn into a mermaid

Pets: a dragon and a cat

Thank you for reading


By Polly and Phoebe



This week were writing a character description about a new Egyptian god. We are supposed to write about their personality, appearance, what they look like and how old they are. Here is an example.

Eos has always been knowledgeable and smart. He was born without parents because he evolved from a single cell. His small, horse-like legs make him amazingly fast.


We drew our god and wrote things about him like his behaviour and special skills. We also read other character descriptions like Harry Potter.

By Bilal, Jacob and Matthew



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    Great job guys you did really well.

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    It was so fun to create our own gods and goddesses mine was called Ellet and her siblings was dwi qua and lsiris – Noah Sam and lily.

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    Well done guys you looked to have worked really hard on them.

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    I really enjoyed this blogging lesson and I think a lot of people did really well

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    I like that bear god sort of thing that was drawn by olivers group

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