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Red Nose Day 2017 – Year 3

on March 24, 2017

Read on to find out more about how Oxenhope School has been raising funds for Comic Relief.

Our Red Nose Day “dab”.

Today is red nose day the 24th off March.We have raised over 200 pounds to the pore people .We can get red noses from school you can get a vikings and dragons and more .



Today is red nose day the 24th of March.  Were all wearing red and this morning we sung the red nose day song in assembly.  We had to bring one pound in for charity.  In New Zealand on red nose day, they raise money for research into sudden infant Death Syndrome.  In 2001, £61 million was raised. In 2003, a total of £61.6 million was raised!

By Elora


I like red nose day because you don’t have to wear school uniform. If you buy a red nose it is 1 pound. Comic Relief’s mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainments.

By Isabelle


On red nose day we raised a lot of money most of us bought a red nose. The whole school had to bring a pound coin to raise a mountain of money. We help people who are less fortunate as us. there is a rare one called frank nose. We want to get as much money as we can. when we collect all of the money we send it to charity and they will send the money. We do red nose day because of a desise called ibowla. We want to help people with ibowla. They is a red nose day song and the lyrics are very hard they is also actions to the song.



Today is red nose day. We as a school raised money for a charity organization. Lots of different people around the world celebrate red nose day.  It helps lots of people around the world. by Amy


21 Million pounds was donated for Red Nose Day.

Wearing a red nose for a day may seem like a strange way to raise money for charity.

Comic Relief is a British charity organisation that was founded in the United Kingdom in 1985.

It raises money all year round, not just on Red Nose Day. Comic Relief is the name of the charity Red Nose Day is the name of the events on the day to raise money for Comic Relief.

The first Red Nose Day was on 5th February 1988, and it raised roughly £15 Million. It occurs once every two years.  Ethan


I finally got my 2nd favourite red nose called snuffles!  We sang the red nose day song during assembly.  After that we did PE.  At playtime lots of people wore their red noses.  My favourite nose is Sniffles the dog.  At lunch everyone is probably going to take their red noses outside.

By George


One boy in year 2 dressed up as his Red nose mummy and a boy in year 1 dressed up as his Red nose mummy to.

In assembly we sang put a nose on it and we pointed at are Red noses for put a nose on it and put a nose on it is on you tube.

Lots of people brought their Red noses.

17,000 people in the United Kingdom dressed up as Red nose day characters. Lillie


On 24th off March we all come non uniform to school.  nose day helps people in Africa that suffer from a desise named abola. Ed shrine helps red nose day raise money. It began in 1985 as a broadcast to raise money by comic relief.  Comic relief is a British orginaisasion in the United Kingdom in 1985 it raises money for Africa.  Red nose day is a great day to celebrate. There are some rely rear noses this year like the Frankenstein nose and it’s not even a red nose it’s a grey nose.my favorate nose is the Viking nose because it’s the only nose I have got and my 2nd favorate nose is snuffles because it is cute and to be fair it is quite ugly. Comic relief has over 17,000 projects in the United Kingdom.

by Maciek


Red nose day is brilliant at Oxenhope school. I love red nose day because you don`t need to wear school uniform. Red nose day supports comic and sports relief. It is only one pounds to buy a red nose. Maisy



There has been over 20 different red noses for comic Relief  show. Do you have a favourite red nose?

Comic relief has funded over 17,000 projects in the UK alone since the charity was founded in 1985,and therefore supports people living tough lives in there country.  You can hel[p by donating one pound on red nose day . Oliver


On red nose day we bring 1£ in to raise money for charity or people in a different country’s that don’t have any homes.  At school we were red on red nose day and we were red noses because they sell them at school. Sophie

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  1. zak says:

    Red nose day was really good

  2. za says:

    it was so fun (:

  3. noah says:

    it was so fun

  4. James y5 says:

    Nice! Well done bet you made loads of money. Also, great red outfits!! 😀

  5. harry y5 says:

    Great dabbing year 3. I think that could raise £1,000 alone!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Those dabs ar cool the Red Nose Day song is fun to sing

  7. Faye says:

    Well done Ethan there were lots of interesting stuff in your blog.

  8. Ella says:

    Well done guys it sounds fun!

  9. Hanley says:

    Red nose day so fun I love the red nose day song PUT A NOSE ON IT !

  10. sami says:

    red nose day dab LOL :} look awsome!!!

  11. charlie y4 says:

    cool dab yr3.

  12. charlie y4 says:


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    red nose day is the best

  14. Lucy year 5 says:

    Weldone year 3 your have all dressed up in red and did you all enjoy the dressing up ???

  15. Matthew says:

    Them costumes look fabulous

  16. Bilal says:

    How much money have you raised ?

  17. Freya says:

    Red nose day was so cool .

  18. Mia says:

    Best dab ever .

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    Well done ✅ those are amazing

  20. Abigail yr5 says:

    Well done for doing the best dab yr3 and good job for wearing as much red as possible.

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    Red Nose Day was so much fun.

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    that was the best dab ever lol

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    that were epic work

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    it is amazing good work

  25. myla y3 says:

    I loved doing this and carnt wait until next red nose day. my favoroute bit was the song

  26. myla y3 says:

    loved it

  27. sophie says:

    I love your outfits and how every one is dabbing

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