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Year 5 Rewind to Easter

on March 30, 2017

This week we travelled by service bus to Keighley Shared Church for the Rewind to Easter event.

Today year 5 have been to Keighley shared church to learn about rewind to Easter. We painted our own plant pots and they gave us our own booklets to do for Easter. They were also activities to do in the booklets. They showed us famous people with Easter props on them and we had to try and guess who they were. We also learnt about the last supper and the Easter story.  It was so fun and we all enjoyed making them things.

By Lucy, max, Ella, Lily and Abigail


On Wednesday the 29/3/17 Yr5 class went to the shared church in Keighley. We learnt all about the last supper and what happened when Jesus was on the cross. They gave us activity sheets to work on with puzzles and questions inside.

We also made pots that we painted and put bulbs inside. We went on the bus from our school to the church and it took 30 minutes. They did loads of talks to keep us entertained.

Noah and Zak D


On the 29th of march year 5 went to Keighley sheared church we went on the bus it was so full some pupils had to stand up I was lucky because I got to sit down on the comfy seats

There were four schools there we did activities like painting plant pots and activity booklets we had so much fun and Adele the leader was so funny some questions in the book were

  • What is your favourite chocolate?
  • For what reason is Easter celebrated?
  • Crack the code to see what Jesus said at the last supper?
  • Finish the maze to Jerusalem?
  • Finish the word search and use the left over letters to decode the message

By Hanley James and Harley


Rewind to Easter is really fun because it is as if we rewound to Easter.

We painted plant pots and planted flowers in them and we went through the Easter story. Some of use designed something to do with Easter like an Easter bunny. Others did something completely different like a unicorn or different colours.

We all had fun and hope we could go again.

By Rose ,Freya and Faye.


Last year we went to rewind to Christmas but this year we went to the shared church in Keighley for the amazing rewind to Easter. In case you do not know, the rewinds at the Christian holidays consist of lots of fun facts fun games and activates like making and painting cups that you put bulbs (the plant kind) and compost in to create new life for Easter. We did a game where you had to decide if the tradition was true or false. There is a contest in Columbia for the best looking donkey and the prise for the winner is never having to work or pull carts or anything like that ever again. And another in deep Europe is that people trade wishes and spray each other with perfume. But we all know about the Easter bunny and the old chap that delivers chocolate eggs who goes by the name “The Easter bunny”. A favourite of children round the globe because it’s the only fantasy character who delivers chocolate the night before the only day children are allowed chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We had pamphlets to fill out and questions to answer. So there you have it thank you for reading. Join us next week for more year 5 blogging.

Thank you

By, the amazing typing group, Harry, Thomas and James.


At the rewind to Easter event we listened and watched the story of Jesus’s death. We also tested our knowledge on celebrities.  For arts and craft we painted plant pots and placed seeds in them.  Our next activity was to fill in our own little booklets (which we carried on doing back in school).

On the way there we took the public bus and we walked to the bus stop so we wore florescent jackets.  The school did phone ahead to the bus people but it was crowded in there. On the way back (after going to the shared church) we took another bus but it was from the big bus station (round the corner from the church).

by Phoebe, Gabby and Polly


On Wednesday year 5 went to the shared church to do some activities, we painted plant pots then we planted bulbs, then we did activity booklets with quiz questions and word searches. We learnt the Easter story by watching videos and listening to stories. Some people did acting. Some people ate Easter eggs to represent new life. The wine represents Jesus`s blood and the bread represents Jesus`s body.

1.  How many people eat the bunnies ears first?

A.81%    b.75%     c.90%

2.   How many children make themselves sick at Easter eating chocolate?

A.17%   b.19% c.64%

Did you get them right?  Well done. 1. c.90%, 2. b.19%

by Toby, Bilal and Jacob


In year 5 we went to the Keighley shared church to learn all about rewind to Easter. At the start we went into our group’s. 1 of year 5’s group had a leader called Adam he lead dandelions. We all got our own work booklets. They talked about what Jesus asked for and all about what he  told us and how he died. We had to get on the bus at 9:15 .We got to paint our own pots ,take them home and we planted bulbs in them as well . By Thomas R ,Tyler  and Zak T.


At rewind to Easter we did some great stuff like plant bulbs and paint tubs and activity books.

At rewind to Easter we learnt all about the Easter story. we also learnt that when Jesus died the curtain in the temple tore.

Mia’s favourite bit:  My favourite part was when we did the activity books.

Oliver’s favourite bit:  my favourite bit was when I got to go up and pretend to be a disciple.

By Oliver and Mia :]


On 29th of March 2017 year5 went to the rewind to Easter. It was an amazing experience because we painted plant pots and did activity booklets. We also watched a video of Jesus dying and it was very scary.
We had to get the public bus there and back. The bus was very crowded and some of us had to stand up. We preformed mini shows like the last supper. We did a quiz where a side was true and the other side was false, only a few of people from our school got them all right. Someone got a chocolate from each group. by Joe and Sam

15 Responses to “Year 5 Rewind to Easter”

  1. sami says:

    Epic wish I was there lucky guys

  2. Eleanor says:

    James.C was very exited to go.

  3. jake says:

    i love easter

  4. Lucy year 5 says:

    Eleanor yes we all enjoyed to go it was fun and we learnt lots about rewind to Easter

  5. Matthew says:

    That was really fun going there

  6. Ella says:

    I was so exited to go we got to make our own plant pots and panted them and we got our own booklets and there was activitys in them.

  7. SPONGEBOB says:

    It was so cool

  8. TOBY says:

    good work it sounds EPIC

  9. oliver says:

    i really enjoyed the rewind to easter. but i didn’t like the point when i didn’t get an egg!

  10. Jacob says:

    So fun

  11. Gabby says:

    I loved it and so did everyone else. We painted and watched and wrote. We planted flowers which are now growing in our homes. We compleated an activity book and painted the pots that the seeds are growing in. I wish we could stay there all day.

  12. Eleanor says:

    it sounds extremely interesting year 5 wish i was there with you all.

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