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Year 4 Debating, Life Education Centre and Easter Production

on March 31, 2017

It’s been another busy week in year 4.

The life caravan

Every year we go inside the life caravan.

In the life caravan is a plastic human called Tam, who helps us learn about our bodies by lighting up pieces of her body.

This year, we saw Harold and his friends at the theme park. We were trying to solve a problem witch was: they wanted to go on different rides even though they went to hang out together in the first place. At the end we got some stickers to take home.by Niamh and Eleanor


This week on Wednesday we went to a thing called the life caravan, it was all about the body. It was all about body parts and we met a penguin called Derek, a giraffe called Harold and a kangaroo called Kiki. They all went to diversity world which is a Theme Park. They couldn’t decide which ride to go on first so Harold suggested if they should split up. They all agreed and went different ways. They all got sad because it wasn’t fun on their own but when Harold went to sing he saw a ride and went on it. When he got in they went to a different planet and they all had to be the same and they sang the same song three times a day. They all had to be the same they ate splodge for Breakfast splodge for lunch and splodge for tea. After that they all met up and had a really nice time. They are trying to teach us it is better to have friends.

By Noah, Jake and Isaac


On the 29th of march 2017 year 4 went to the life caravan and we went to a planet and on that planet conformertron and everyone was the same and ate the same and sang a boring song 3 times a day. They even looked exactly the same. Harold the giraffe, Kiki the kangaroo, derrick the penguin went to the theme park where it was.



This year we are doing an Easter show about the crucifixion of Jesus on 6th April 2017.

We have been practising for a long time at least four weeks, we are all very excited for it on the 5th and 6th of April 2017.

Lilli is being Jesus and Kayleigh is being Judas. Judas betrays Jesus in the story but he realised that he did the wrong thing near the End of the show.

By Lilli and Kayleigh


In Year 3 and 4, we are doing an Easter production on Thursday 6th 2017. Lilli-y4 is Jesus. Kayleigh-y4 is Judas. Charlotte-y4 is Mary. Myla-y3 is Mary Magdalene. Jacob-y3, is 1st man (says “what was that?”). There are a lot of narrators and people in the crowd. Practicing, it’s really fun!

By Charlotte.


On Wednesday 29 April 2017 the life education caravan and there was a giraffe called Harold, a penguin called Derick and a kangaroo called Kiki. They went to a theme park what was called diversity world. They all split it to go on different rides, Deric went on a scary ride Kiki went on a bouncy castle and Harrold went on the conformatron

From Otis, Harry and Sami


This week all the classes went to visit the life education caravan. One of the things you learnt was about being different to each over. We also learnt about the human body and what can harm it as well. We watched a video were Harold the giraffe went to the planet conformation where everybody were almost completely the same because of their chief.  At the beginning of the video Harold, Derick and Kiekie go to the theme park but then they choke because some was smoking.

By  Aaron.

This week we have been to the life caravan and we learnt about are body parts and what are bad and good. But guess what we’ve met Harold Kiki and Derick at the park. We learnt that if you have to much medicine it will make you ill.
By Lola, Grace, Phoebe and Olivia





In the life caravan we learnt about smoking, Harold was practicing his singing and he got a smell of smoke and started to cough. Harold is a giraffe and he has some friends called Kiki and Derek, they all wanted to do different things so they went to the places they wanted to. Harold went to Karaoke kingdom, Kiki went to the Bouncy Castle and Derek went to the Supernova. They all said “I don’t like it without my friends” so they all met up by a big bridge in Diversity world, and then they went to all of the rides. After that we talked about our body, we looked at a body called Tam and she has all of the bones that we have, the bones also light up.

Also we are doing are Easter production at the moment and it is called Easter praise.

By Brandon Archie George and Samuel


This week we went to the life caravan and learnt about the human body like if you had medicine and you did not need it you could get poorly. After that we looked what Harold and his friends where doing and they went to diversity world and they all wanted to go on different rides. Then Harold said why don’t we all split up so Harold went on the Comformatron , Derik went on a scary ride and Kiki went on a bouncy castle at the end they found it boring without each other so they got back together again and where friends again but they had fun in the end.

By Ella


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  1. Ella says:

    It was so fun in the life caravan and we learnt a lot about what drugs do to you but in year five we don’t get to see the giraff.

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