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Year 5 Egyptian Day

on April 6, 2017


To conclude our topic on the theme of “Pharaohs” we held an Egyptian Day in school.  Read on to find out more…

On Tuesday the 4th of April 2017 year 5 had an ‘End of topic Egyptian celebration.’ As the end of the term is upon Oxenhope C of E Primary School we ended our Conerstones topic of Pharaohs and Egyptians. On this day we dressed up as Egyptians and made Egyptian food. We made shortbread with an Egyptian kick (it was devine). Later on in the day our parents came in and tasted food plus they helped us with making Canopic jars of our own design out of clay.

By James, Matthew, Thomas, James s-t and Bilal


On Tuesday the fourth of April we had an Egyptian day, during this day we had to dress up in Egyptian style. To start the day, we cooked two Egyptian recipes one was Khak (a type of shortbread) and the other was flat bread. Whilst a group was cooking the rest of the class was doing activities like making paper pyramids. After break time we came back to start a mummy making challenge the winning team got a special prize. We were given three rolls of toilet paper to wrap our mummy with. At the end Mr Thurlby decided the winner. When we came back from lunch we started to create our own Canopic jars. First we designed them and then we started to mold them. Soon our parents came in and started to help us. Already it was home time and we had to go home.

By Zak, Joe, Thomas and Tyler.


On Tuesday we had an Egyptian day where our parents came in and looked around our class room. We made clay models of Egyptian Canopic jars and in the morning we coloured paper and then cut the out, glued them so they looked like pyramids! Also we made naan bread, we made short bread. Noah and Max ate the naan raw. Our parents came so that they could see what we have being doing in class about the Egyptian projects.

By Noah, Max, Harley and Hanley



On Tuesday the 4th of April year 5 had an Egyptian day. At our Egyptian day we made some Egyptian shortbread and kahk (which is an Egyptian sort of tortilla), even though it sounds like a noise you’ll make when you’re sick it tastes very nice especially with a bit of butter. At our Egyptian day we dressed up in Egyptian themed costumes, phoebe dressed up as Isis the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and love.

by Mia, Rose, Phoebe and Oliver



On Tuesday we dressed up as Egyptian gods and goddesses. Throughout the day we were making flat bread dough and Egyptian short bread {we all wanted MORE.} It was so nice we all loved it! We also made our own pyramids out of paper and coloured them in however we wanted. We all so made Canopic jars out of clay and designed them. We also had a competition to see who is the best at wrapping people up as a mummy. We had loads of fun especially when we made the flat bread. Once we had done our mummies we made tombs for them we made them out of blankets and pillows and chairs then we made them Canopic jars out of paper or blocks. Then our teacher chose what mummy and tomb is the best and the prize was Minnie eggs for the group to share.

By Ella ,Freya ,Gabby and Lily



On Tuesday 4 of April year 5 had an Egyptian day. On Tuesday we wrapped people as mummies made Egyptian food and lots more.

Also, our parents came in at 2 0 clock in the afternoon, we made Egyptian canopic jars with clay and our parents helped us Abigail’s grandma came in and Faye, Polly and Lucy’s mum came in as

By Faye Abigail Polly and Lucy




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  1. otis says:

    I like all of your work it has a lot of information in it about your Egyptian Day.

  2. sam says:

    They look like real mummys.

  3. Eli says:

    I love them all!

  4. sami says:

    I hope you had LOTS AND LOTS of fun!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. jake says:

    I love Egyptians they are very interesting

  6. Aaron says:

    great year 5 its funny

  7. Charlie says:

    that looked fun yr5 i cant wait to see if weel do it next year

  8. Kayliegh and Ethan says:

    Wow i really wish i could do that its a really fun topic for you. so well done!

  9. brandon says:

    how did you do that i wouldnt of i wouldnt of liked it.

  10. lilli says:

    egyptian day it looks very intresting

    from lilli

  11. Reuben says:

    Wow this looks amazing y5 hope you enjoyed

  12. Reuben says:

    Wow this is amazing, hope you enjoyed what did you do that you liked the most

  13. Oliver says:

    loved wrapping up hanley it was fun 😀

  14. Jake says:

    I love Egyptians they fascinate me

  15. Lilli says:

    Wow I can’t wait to do see if can do it in year 5 it looks likes so much fun.

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