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Year 3 – Into The Wild!

on April 28, 2017

As part of their work on Predators this week the children went into the wild!  They met and learnt about lots of different creatures. Here they tell you more…

My favourite animal was the jumping gecko because it nearly jumped on Maciek’s shoe and it jumped on the floor 3 times. [Sophie]


My favourite animal was the corn snakes because I like snakes. [poppy]

My favourite was the python because It actually felt differently than I thought it would feel harder much harder and it also picked up my friend’s bag and all of them were tamed. [Maciek]



I loved the chameleon because it could hang from a branch and change colour instead of speaking.


I loved the snakes because they felt soft not bumpy and there was different types  of snakes there was corn snakes and another one called Ralf the big snake.



I liked the tarantula because it was scary to everyone. We could not hold the because the tarantula was really delict and if it got stressed it would through some itchy hear but if that didn’t work it then it would bite a venomous bite.  It was not really a fighter but just in case it has a venomous  bite and itchy hair what it could throw.

Matthew, Lillie and Archie


The tarantula was my favourite animal because of the fluffy hairs but we didn’t get to hold it or touch it because it might attack.

I like the snake called Ralph because it was smooth and because it of the colour the other two snakes were corn snakes that ate mice.

I like the Gecko because how it jumped and grabbed on to trees but when it jumps and falls on the floor it does this splat noise but it didn’t splat to death.

I liked the Lizard because of how it felt so soft like the snake called Ralph the bit on his head is to protect him when there are other lizards they attack.

I liked Ralph and the Tarantula because the Tarantula attack people if they are being a bit mean to it will shoot out its hair or shoot out its cobweb.

I like the two corn snakes because they breath out of their mouth and sometimes some snakes are friendly but it didn’t attack us it was very friendly like the snake Ralph also it was funny when they tried to arrest the owner of the place in the area we didn’t get to feel the snake skin because the others kids that were four ripped some of it most of the big ones were destroyed.

I liked the Chameleon because it couldn’t camo like the other ones they could also hold on to trees and rocks like the Lizard.

I liked the Bearded dragon because of how it felt and how its colour was normal there was also two other baby ones that were not brown they were light brown.

I liked the two tortoises because of the shell and it was soft like the snakes the funny part was when the tortoise did a little dribble.

I liked the tortoises and the Chameleon because of the Chameleon was soft like the Tortoise.

Devon, Ethan, Joshua.


My favourite was the corn snake because it was a good colour.

My favourite was the chameleon because it’s so cool.

My favourite was a lizard that looks like a snake.

My favourite was Ralph the snake because it was very big.

Eddie, Elora, Jayden and Maisy



My favourite animal was a chameleon and Ralph the python. My favourite one was Ralph because he’s really funny .

My fravourite one was ralph the  python because he is big.  I realy enjoed the bearded dragon because I liked  its chin like a beard.

Clara, Evie, Connie and Jacob


Chameleon and tortoise

The chameleon doesn’t camouflage instead it changes colour to show its feelings.  The chameleon can grip on to the tree and if he folled owt of the tree it can grip wif his tayl.


Tortoises shells are made out of bones and you can’t take their shell off because it is attached to its spine.


Daniel, George and Ella



We saw two corn snakes and one python called ralph he was my favourite most people liked the tarantula. The person who owned the animals    said I got one tarantula and then I ended up with twenty so this once for sale.

I liked the bearded dragon because it is funny when he runs away from the predator and when it nods it’s head  the bearded dragons beard goes black when its angry.


The tarantula can make webs but not the same as spiders instead they make webs that comes out of it`s bottom. The tarantula can flick hears when they get angry if it doesn’t work it will bite.


There was a non- legged lizard because it had strong scales and couldn’t curl up. The bearded dragon can attack the enemy with its tail if it wants to.

Myla Oliver Alex and Isabelle

15 Responses to “Year 3 – Into The Wild!”

  1. Alex ST's dad says:

    Wow year 3…..sounds like you all had an amazing time. Keep up the good work.

  2. Zak says:

    Looks like you’ve seen some creepy but cool animals.

  3. jake says:

    Animals are very interesting to me.

  4. lola says:

    i bet you gus had a great time at the wild

  5. olivia says:

    i love learning about your trip from into the wild.

  6. Elora says:

    I liked the corn snake too poppy.

  7. Connie says:

    I loved going there because the buremese
    python wrapped it’s tail around my bag it was
    so funny and it picked my bag up .

  8. george says:

    the chameleon was my faviroute because it has a flexible rib cage to climb trees and if it falls it grabs on one of the trees branches with it’s tail and climbs on the tree with the help of it’s flexible rib cage.

  9. Jacob says:

    keep up the good work

  10. sophie says:

    it looked like it was fun

  11. Lucy says:

    That looks fun holding all these animals.

  12. lily says:

    wow sound amazing

  13. Eleanor says:

    i remember seeing the same animals in year 3.

  14. Eleanor says:

    did you see the meal worms near the toilets?

  15. Anonymous says:

    i don’t remember the jumping geco!

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