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Year 5 Residential to Bridlington and The Deep

on May 11, 2017

This week we joined two other schools in our Academy Trust for a visit to Bridlington and a sleepover at The Deep. It was a fantastic opportunity for learning and making new friends.

Read on to find out what our year 5 children thought…
On Wednesday the 26th of April we (Year 5) went on an epic residential to The Deep. We were so excited to actually go. At first we went to Bridlington to have some fish and chips at a nice, cosy restaurant called JC’s restaurant it was absolutely scrumptious.
When we arrived at The Deep we received a tour from a lady named Linseys who took us to an area called “Cool Seas” which had all sorts of star fish, jelly fish, giant kelp and all sorts of amazing and beautiful creatures. After that we went to the prehistoric time line where we saw the massive jaws of a Megaladon. After the time line we went to the tropical seas there was a leopard shark and lots of small fish (some looked like Dory). Then we went to the “Endless Ocean” where we were all in complete awe of the grace that the sting rays, sharks and turtles they were so cute because they even smiled at me # adorable.

After that, we went to have supper and there was a cat fish what tried to eat our food it was funny. Then we went to make slime it was cool did you know slime is good for our body.
By Harry and Toby


When we arrived at Bridlington we went to JC’s restaurant for fish and chip’s I got fish and chips with gravy Tyler had fish and chips with beans for me it was the highlight of the day! Tyler thought it was really good. We went to the beach with the other schools then we went for a tour around the Deep then most of us went to sleep. Then we woke up at six o clock the next day. we went to see the penguins and went for are breakfast we had a choice of cereal or toast then we went bowling then we went back home. By Tyler and Thomas R


On the 26th of April we went to the deep, first we went to Bridlington beach and JC’s restaurant, then we went to the deep. 

We went on the tour then we had to unpack, we also made slime and t-shirts! – Oliver


Whilst we were at the deep we had lots of fun I especially liked going bowling mainly because I won my game. The whole trip was organized by a different school called Christ church primary school.– Phoebe


This week we went to Bridlington beach and also went to a fish n chip restaurant. On the beach we did lots of fun activities including mini races and sand drawings. after we went to the beach we set off on the coach to hull to go to the deep. Then we had a tour around the deep seeing loads of colourful fish and sharks. Our favourite bit was when we went in the glass elevator with all the fish around us. The next morning we went for breakfast then after that we went to the gift shop. Soon we set of to go bowling. After our games we went home.
By Zak D, Sam, Jacob and Noah.


We went to Bridlington and ventured to Hull for a fishy encounter…
We arrived at Bridlington feeling hungry, we stopped for some fish and chips. Then we went to the beach and met some other schools. On the beach we met some other schools. We drew pictures in the sand and looked at waves. We had a great time.
Then we went to the deep for some educational exercises. Then we made some slime and had tea. Finally, we made t-shirts and went to bed.
The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast there was a choice of toast and cereal then after we went to the bowling alley then we came back to the bus and went home in the super bowl arena
By Polly joe Hanley and Bilal


On the 26th of April to 27th year 5 went on a trip to the Deep in hull, we were so excited because we went to Bridlington before the Deep and had fish and chips. At the Fish and chip shop, Lily had fish and chips with mushy peas, Lucy had sausage and chips with peas, max had fish and chips with beans, Harley had fish and chips with beans. It was a fun time and we all enjoyed it
By Lucy , max, lily , Harley xxxxxxx


We had five activates on the beach which were:
Scavenger hunt
Poem writing
Sand drawing
PE competition
Beach knowledge/quiz
It ended a bit before we wanted to finish because the tide came in and washed some things to sea.
We particularly enjoyed seeing the potato grouper and, the name is by inspired by James’ favourite singers, the David Bowie Spider. When we did bowling James C came 3rd with 84 points, Thomas W came 1st with 101 points, Zak T came 3rd with 91 points and James ST came 1st with 102 points.
James.c, James.st, Thomas.w and Zak.T


On Wednesdays the 26th of April 2017 year 5 went on a residential to The Deep in Hull. First we got on the bus and watched a movie. The movie we watched was called ‘ sharks tale ‘. We all thought that the trip was ace. We arrived at a fish and chips shop and had a lovely dinner. Next we went to the beach. We did loads of different activities. Then we went to the Deep. We had a VIP tour around the place. After that we made slime. The next day we went bowling , and then we went back home.
By Faye, Gabby and Rose


We went to bridling ton. At bridlington we went to a fish and chip shop called JC’s restaurant it was so good. I had sausage, chips and gravy Ella had fish ,chips and mushy peas and Freya had the same as Ella. After we went to the beach and played some games with are teachers two of which are beach scavenger hunt and poem about the beach.
By Mia Hitchen


We went on a school trip to hull to go to the DEEP it was amazingly fun! The food at the deep was really nice so was the fish and chips. The next morning we had breakfast I had frostiest, then we went back up to where we slept and packed away our things and got ready to go bowling. We arrived at bowling and had to wait like 20 minutes cause we were really early.
By Ella and Freya


This week I went to Bridlington and the deep. At Bridlington we [year 5] went to the beach and did some activities with another school Christ church, also when we was at the beach the tide came in on Christ churches coats so their coats were soaked!
Then we went to the deep, when we got to the deep we went in a really awesome room called cool seas.

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  1. Alex ST's dad says:

    Well done to all of year 5 – sounds like you had an amazing time. A big thank you too all staff involved.

  2. Lillie says:

    That was a good trip story

  3. matthew says:

    you did really well

  4. Finley says:

    That looks awesome! Was it good?

  5. Lewis says:

    That sounds interesting I wish I could go to the Deep with you.

  6. Finley says:

    The turtle looked interesting was it?

  7. Oliver says:

    I enjoyed sleeping next to the fish tanks.

  8. phoebe says:

    it really was fun and pretty amazing seeing all of them fish and some sharks.I can’t believe they had fish and sharks in the some tank.

  9. Rose year 5 says:

    It was a really good eggspre for me .

  10. Ethan says:

    The starfish looked interesting.

  11. Eleanor says:

    it must of been cool sleeping nexto the fishes!

  12. OLIVER says:

    it sounded GOOOD

  13. Lucy (y6) says:

    Wish I was there sounds really fun

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