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Year 3 – Another busy week

on May 12, 2017

Following on from our Predator visit to Into the Wild, the children have been creating their own predator fact books.  Some of the children also wanted to tell you about what they have been doing in maths.

In maths we have be lean abut shapes we have been drawing a round the shapes. We were counting the squares to see how big they were. I like the most drawing the shapes because you could pick the shape what you want them to be. We have been doing a predator non-fiction book we used non-fiction book to get ideas. That is what we have done so far.

By Archie!



In maths, we have been learning about perimeters on shapes.  The perimeter is the length of the sides of the shapes and it shows how long the sides of the shape put together is.


1 day ago, we made a non-fiction book about 4 different types of animals.  Some people did their front cover and some people didn’t finish their draft.  I chose the chameleon, gecko, tortoise and the legless lizard.

Key features

We chose a book for each pair and I was with Maciek.   We got a book about the ancient Greeks.  The genre we thought it was was non-fiction.  Then we came to the carpet and talked about the key features.  Some of them were did you know boxes and the contents page.  They were the obvious key features.   The harder ones were things like charts, graphs and arrows.

By George


We did a book about reptiles and predator we sore at into the wild in solitaire we went and got a book and we found some key features like glossary, numbered pages and photograph. We did some planning on Thursday about the animals. The writing was non-fiction. Then we did some editing and we wrote the book and we did a contends page and a front cover and Miss Auty put it together so now it is a real book. I did a crested gecko, bearded dragon, and chameleon and berms python. Sophie and Sophia


We have done a book about are school trip to into the wild and we saw a lot of animals and we are doing a fact book.

When we went to into the wild WE got to see lots creatures . We could see a tarantula but we could not touch it, we could touch all the offer creatures. Eddie, Jacob and Daniel.



In maths, we have been measuring the perimeter of 2D  shapes.  The perimeter of a rectangle is fifteen cm.  We learnt that perimeter means how big the outside of a shape is.

By Ella


We did a predator fact file about are trip on Thursday (for are topic).  The fact file was about the animals we saw. We wrote about: a crested gecko, tarantula, bearded dragon, tortoise, chameleon, corn snake, legless lizard and Burmese python.  My favourite animal was the bearded dragon because I liked the facts about it and how it climbs.   Clara and Amy


In maths, we have been measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes. The perimeter of a rectangle that is big is 20cm you can get ones that are 6cm and one that you can get is 26cm.

There is a lop sided triangle that is 17cm.

There is a lop sided rectangle that is 14cm.

We learnt that perimeter means how big the outside of a shape.

There is a large on that is 64cm.There is a nother big shape that is 34cm. Lillie


Predator fact book

We made a fact book about predators. We wrote about chameleons, crested geckos, Burmese python, tarantula, tortoise, legless lizard, bearded dragon and a corn snake.  A Burmese python can grow 12 feet long! Did you know Burmese Pythons are not slymy  at all like other snakes.  Burmese Pythons are black,yellow and ,brown. A Tarantula can flick hairs but if it doesn’t work it will bite.  Did you know a Tarantula is powerful enogh to kill and attack.

By Maisy, Sian and Isabelle


This week for righting we’ve  been writing about predators and were going to turn it into a real fact book so we can maybe show it to Year two. If not we can take it home when we take our folder home at the end of the year to show our mum and dad . We will take it home either way. To get most of the information and the ideas of the animals we have chosen, we went to a place called into the wild for a school trip.  We all named our books into the wild and we all chose four animals out of all six of them. The ones we could choose out of was, chameleon, corn snake, tarantula, python, gecko and a legless lizard. Myla and Connie


We measured perimeters of odd shapes like squares, triangle and other shapes.

We also did Super Spicy Task when measuring odd shapes.

We had questions like this 12×64 in English and more than times like 23×89.

The highest question was 74×36 in Maths.

The lowest question was 1×2 in Maths the highest was crazy when me and Oliver did the highest one.

The hardest questions were on Super Spicy Task the easiest one was the 34×11.                  Ethan and Oliver.


Key features

Yesterday we done work about, key featurs of non fiction writing. And we are going to make a book  4 reptiles/predators, I’v chosen mine I’m going to write about crested gecko, tortoise, burnese pythen and chameleon.


In maths we learned to measure a perimeter of a shape. Hear are the instructions of how you measure a perimeter of a shape.

1 draw a shape.

2 measure every side of the shape.

3 count how many it equals.

4 fineshed!



When we did key features’  about content page and glossary , photographs and number pages and some maths And we perimeter .  And when we know the number we write it down on our maths on our piece of paper and when we know the answer we write on the middle and then we do another  shape.



We looked at some non-fiction books and got some ideas from the books about key features. Then we sat down on the carpet and wrote the ideas on a big piece of paper. Some of the key features were a contents page, index page and page numbers. We worked really hard and it was a bit of a challenge but it was fine for me. We did some predator books and we were in partners and it was fine. The work we did was hard for other people but not me and my Partners.

By Jayden and Alex

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  1. Lewis says:

    Wow perimeter is very hard well done year 3 keep up the good work and keep going on that predator work.

  2. Eleanor crickmore year 4 says:

    i’m sure you enjoyed this topic because i serenely did when i was in year 3.

  3. foster says:

    I hope you enjoyed all the predator work was it awsome

  4. george says:

    I loved maths the most because it has been my favourite subject since I came here.

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