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Year 3 Blog

on May 19, 2017

Haiku Poems, Skeletons and more!

Haiku poem.
We did Haiku poems about under the sea.
CAPITAL LETTER to start on each line and they don’t have to rhyme. My favourite was when we did the art work about under the sea. Mostly we did in it was the “. ! ?” To end the poems. Some of us did three poems about under the sea.
We did do some skeleton work.
We also did some art about the skeleton and then did it in white chalk. I liked doing the art work about under the sea.



In year 3 we have done some work about skeletons and we allso did a under the sea background. We did a under the sea  background in art  we put fish, sharks, coral and rocks on the background.



I enjoyed doing our deep sea background because it reminds me of the song Under the sea from the little mermaid.  We have also done a haiku poem to go with our deep sea background.  With a haiku poem you need to underline your title and they don’t have to rhyme.



This week we learnt how to write a Haiku pome.

They have three lines and they don’t have to rhyme.

Each line starts with a capital letter and finishes’ with either a full stop or an exclamation mark or a question mark.

Haiku pomes only have three lines the lines go like this five seven five.

This is mine


Dolphins: very fast

They laugh and jump in the air

Underneath the sea!


Star fish

Star fish cling to rocks

They are powerful hunters

Underneath the sea!



Octopuses wiggle

They squirm all day in the sea

In the deep ocean.




We did a poem called a haiku poem. a haiku poem has a rehome with syllable the rehome goes 575 and for every line this is a haiku poem


Octopus swimming

Underneath the deep blue sea

Swimming swimming deep

So now you know what one is how about you try.so here is another just for you so here you go.


Sharks are swimming fast

Waiting, catching fish for tea

Underneath the sea

I will do another for you.


Seals are hunting for fish

Seals are hunting for big fish

Underneath the sea

by Sophie


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    well done these are great

  3. Lewis says:

    Wow haikus are hard well done year 4 keep up the good work

  4. Eleanor says:

    wow it sounded like you had lots of fun in this lesson.

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